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Genustech received plenty of media coverage regarding their new GoPro Hero3 Cage, so i'm sure many have you have already heard of it. It's hefty, built like a tank, offers dozens of mounting points, and even allows for 52mm threaded filters (ND, CPL, etc) to be used to control your image. With quite a few GoPro cages already on the market, is the Genustech the right one for you? Here's a video overview of the Genustech GoPro Cage features.

Build quality is really good and there's a lot of metal for the $99 dollar price tag. It's a nice touch to be able to support the GoPro in it's case, or naked (cam only). Unfortunately for me personally this doesn't fit my style. I hate working without the LCD BacPac and need access to the battery (especially when it locks up - you know what I mean).

If you want to find out more about the new Genus GoPro cage, the retail price of the unit is $99 dollars and can be found at the Genustech website (here).

gopro-cage-1_1024x1024 gopro-cage-black-hero-3jpg_1024x1024 gopro-cage-top-black_1024x1024 black-gopro-cage-17_1024x1024
find-price-button Genustech Cage for the GoPro Hero3


Well, my $5.00 dollar camera suction cup tripod mount mount came in today. Can't wait to test this baby out with my GoPro HD Sports Camera. So far mounting it to odd things in the office, it seems very sturdy! It actually held up my Canon 7D + Tamron 18-270mm Image Stabilized lens (Not that i'd try that setup hanging off my windshield).

Camera Saving Tip #1:
The first test everyone should do when buying a Suction Cup Camera Mount is to mount something in similar weight and size (not your camera!) and drive it around hard to see if it holds on well. Once you feel your product is up to par, then go for the real deal. I'm thinking Can Of Soda is larger, heavier, and not as wind resistant than the GoPro HD Sports Camera. If that don't fall off, i'm in the clear.

You can find the $5.00 Camera Suction Cup mount here.