$5.00 dollar Camera Suction Cup Mount -nice…..

Well, my $5.00 dollar camera suction cup tripod mount mount came in today. Can't wait to test this baby out with my GoPro HD Sports Camera. So far mounting it to odd things in the office, it seems very sturdy! It actually held up my Canon 7D + Tamron 18-270mm Image Stabilized lens (Not that i'd try that setup hanging off my windshield).

Camera Saving Tip #1:
The first test everyone should do when buying a Suction Cup Camera Mount is to mount something in similar weight and size (not your camera!) and drive it around hard to see if it holds on well. Once you feel your product is up to par, then go for the real deal. I'm thinking Can Of Soda is larger, heavier, and not as wind resistant than the GoPro HD Sports Camera. If that don't fall off, i'm in the clear.

You can find the $5.00 Camera Suction Cup mount here.

8 thoughts on “$5.00 dollar Camera Suction Cup Mount -nice…..

  1. J. Zonstani

    I'm very curious about the video quality of the GoPro HD Sports Camera. How does it stack up against a 5d MK II at highest resolution? I'm thinking this might be a good alternative for DSLR enthusiasts who already have a cam and just want to dabble in video.

  2. J. Zonstani

    Do you have any advice on safety straps. Neither the fat gecko nor your indie hardware suggestion have a failsafe if the whole rig goes flying into the highway.

  3. Jay Ace

    How is this holding up? I'm looking to build something to use on the outside of the car with the 5D MKII but I'll end up using at least 3 cups at all times for better weight distribution and safety so just wondering how good these cups are in real life.

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