LCDVF T2i or Z-Finder – No No No?

There are many questions about DSLR Viewfinders, and one of the most popular right now is if the LCDVF T2i / 550D combination will work or not? I believe the Zacuto Z-Finder DSLR viewfinder is about the same size as the LCDVF so this video should apply, but correct me if i'm wrong (drop comments for our readers - feedback?). Since I have the 5D Mark II , Canon 7D , and Canon T2i / 550D , I thought I would share some video footage of the LCDVF cropped area when placed over the Canon T2i LCD. The T2i LCD is a bit wider so there is some slight cropping. There is also a sensor you need to be aware of that automatically turns off the display (not for video more) when something blocks it. There may be a custom function to disable that, i'll have to dig into the manual more. Hope the video helps clear up some questions.

The 5D and 7D batteries are the same and they both use Compact Flash cards. There are some things that just totally throw me off about the Canon T2i / Rebel 550D, like having to buy SDHC cards, different batteries, and the LCDVF not fitting perfectly. Because of this, I haven't spent much time with it, but as far as video quality, the Canon T2i / Rebel 550D has been a solid performer keeping up with the 7D quite easily. I'm not a fan of traveling with too many different types of gear, but you can't complain when Canon is putting out such high quality equipment for a dirt cheap price. Times are a changin'.......

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  1. Emm

    Post author

    @James Muecke - This one will work with the Canon T4i: httpss://

  2. Sean

    I contacted the manufacturer this is what they had to say about the LCDVF for the Canon T2i

    "Unfortunately we will remain out of stock till mid April but from there we
    will introduce a proper version for Canon 550D/T2i too and maybe it will
    be even slightly cheaper, depends on the competition.
    We will be at NAB too, in Ste-Man's booth."

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