Genustech GoPro Cage Overview

Genustech received plenty of media coverage regarding their new GoPro Hero3 Cage, so i'm sure many have you have already heard of it. It's hefty, built like a tank, offers dozens of mounting points, and even allows for 52mm threaded filters (ND, CPL, etc) to be used to control your image. With quite a few GoPro cages already on the market, is the Genustech the right one for you? Here's a video overview of the Genustech GoPro Cage features.

Build quality is really good and there's a lot of metal for the $99 dollar price tag. It's a nice touch to be able to support the GoPro in it's case, or naked (cam only). Unfortunately for me personally this doesn't fit my style. I hate working without the LCD BacPac and need access to the battery (especially when it locks up - you know what I mean).

If you want to find out more about the new Genus GoPro cage, the retail price of the unit is $99 dollars and can be found at the Genustech website (here).

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find-price-button Genustech Cage for the GoPro Hero3

7 thoughts on “Genustech GoPro Cage Overview

  1. Derick

    Definitely not too expensive considering an adventurer or drift racer could have more confidence the cam would survive in the event of a mishap...i.e. getting run over or dropped from a higher height.

  2. Jeff

    Apparently Genus is aware of the problem of the LCD BacPac not fitting and told me I should be receiving an updated Cage at the end of the month that will allow the use of the LCD

  3. scottd800

    ok, yes. thanks Emm. I was JUST going to say that the freezing thing seems to have disappeared with the new update, if that's what you were talking about... But i have only worked a couple of days with it.

    On a quick side note, the H6 is awesome, can split/control all tracks independently, including compression and cut! Played with it for a while today. More noise at '10' than i was hoping for, not that i ever usually pamp 10.

  4. Emm

    Post author

    @scottd800 - Actually more like freezing up and not powering on. At that point you have to remove the battery and reinsert to get the camera going again. This is a common problem but they just released recent firmware, so I'm not sure if the problem is resolved. Just do a search on Hero3 freezing or Locking up. Still a great camera though, and I think everyone should have at least one.

  5. scottd800

    You mentioned that the Hero3 had battery issues. What type of issues are you talking about? Is it something that they have fixed in newer units? I pre-ordered mine, so I likely have one of the ones with problems. The battery life is pretty short i guess.

  6. Joseoh

    NO LCD BACKPACK!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I almost purchased this! TY for stopping me. Loved the 52mm threads, that was the selling point to me above the Redrock cage. Terrible design flaw! Nicely built, but USELESS!!!!!! TY for a Great Report!

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