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For those who may still be intimidated about tackling a DIY 3 Axis Gimbal Stabilizer, I am working on a video series sharing my step-by-step build instructions for this new 32 Bit version 3 Axis CAME 7000 Gimbal Stabilizer using the latest official Alexmos and Basecam controller. In the video you can see where i'm at just 1 day after receiving the product.

I haven't spent a lot of time with the new gimbal, but already I know this is going to be a much more stable product over the previous 8 bit version. So far i'm able to get my GH4 + 12-35mm lens balanced on the system, but i'll need more time fine tuning my PID settings.

The good news is that CAME-TV.com is working on providing default PID settings for many popular camera + lens combinations. As soon as you get your Gimbal assembled, you would basically upload the profile into the gimbal via USB and you're up and running. Let's hope we see those profiles soon! I currently have 5 videos started and just a few more before I can start uploading the series which i'm hoping could be a good reference for other builders.

Since some of you have already received your gimbal, here's a video tip that's part of my build process on mounting a project box to the gimbal. It's a simple way to create a template for drilling out holes that will align perfectly with your mount.

The new 32 bit 3 Axis Gimbal is available now via CAME-TV.com (here)
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Last weekend, SatoStudios let me tag along out to a small car meet. They wanted to test out the CAME 7000 3 Axis gimbal Stabilizer I had built a few months ago. As a first time operator of this gimbal, here's a bit of the BTS footage Mike was able to pull off with his 5D Mark III + Canon 16-35mm.

Throughout the day the gimbal had it's share of issues, but when it was time to work it performed very well. If you notice from the video, it was fairly windy that day and the unit was not prone to swaying. Talking to Mike after the show, he's definitely sold on what gimbals can offer, but there are many quirks you have to be comfortable with.

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If you're working with one camera + lens combo, you're good. If you have to do lens changes throughout the day, it takes time to rebalance. It's also not something you can just disassemble and throw in a backpack. When you're not actively shooting with it, you have to be mindful about carrying it around. It's also helpful to have an extra pair of hands (assistant) or a place to dock the Gimbal, as you physically can't hold the stabilizer while performing maintenance.

I'm definitely going to install an ON/OFF switch, as having to disconnect the battery throughout the day quickly became annoying. I'm also going to find the slimmest QR adapter available as changing camera batteries took time as we had to remount and rebalance.

So as a quick summary, gimbals are great and anyone who uses it for the first time will immediately be impressed. I will continue to use gimbals, and hopefully upgrade to more expensive gimbal systems as they become available. It's a different tool that can do what other tools can't, but you should not consider this a replacement for every other stabilizer, jib, or dolly system on the market. If you're thinking about building one, here's my first impressions article: https://cheesycam.com/came-7000-3-axis-gimbal-first-impression-and-demo-video/

There's more footage from the gimbal that is yet to be released from the show, but you can also follow via instagram @satostudios

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