SatoStudio CAME 7000 3 Axis Gimbal BTS Footage

Last weekend, SatoStudios let me tag along out to a small car meet. They wanted to test out the CAME 7000 3 Axis gimbal Stabilizer I had built a few months ago. As a first time operator of this gimbal, here's a bit of the BTS footage Mike was able to pull off with his 5D Mark III + Canon 16-35mm.

Throughout the day the gimbal had it's share of issues, but when it was time to work it performed very well. If you notice from the video, it was fairly windy that day and the unit was not prone to swaying. Talking to Mike after the show, he's definitely sold on what gimbals can offer, but there are many quirks you have to be comfortable with.

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If you're working with one camera + lens combo, you're good. If you have to do lens changes throughout the day, it takes time to rebalance. It's also not something you can just disassemble and throw in a backpack. When you're not actively shooting with it, you have to be mindful about carrying it around. It's also helpful to have an extra pair of hands (assistant) or a place to dock the Gimbal, as you physically can't hold the stabilizer while performing maintenance.

I'm definitely going to install an ON/OFF switch, as having to disconnect the battery throughout the day quickly became annoying. I'm also going to find the slimmest QR adapter available as changing camera batteries took time as we had to remount and rebalance.

So as a quick summary, gimbals are great and anyone who uses it for the first time will immediately be impressed. I will continue to use gimbals, and hopefully upgrade to more expensive gimbal systems as they become available. It's a different tool that can do what other tools can't, but you should not consider this a replacement for every other stabilizer, jib, or dolly system on the market. If you're thinking about building one, here's my first impressions article:

There's more footage from the gimbal that is yet to be released from the show, but you can also follow via instagram @satostudios

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21 thoughts on “SatoStudio CAME 7000 3 Axis Gimbal BTS Footage

  1. Aaron

    Hi, I was wondering what type of adapters are needed to mount a 7" monitor on the top rails. Thanks.

  2. Henk

    Hello, does anyone tried using the gimbal upsite down? When that's possible. In that case you can get a much "higher" view/picture.

  3. Emm

    Post author

    @Renato Langona - Yes as long as the cable is not pulling the camera off balance. We use an HDMI cable to the camera, and mount an LCD monitor above the gimbal. That's basically the same thing you want to do, and the software will maintain the horizon.

  4. Wow, I loved your footage, it's just the way I really enjoy to see videos: with moviment!

    I ordered one this week and I asked about the GH2/GH3 + SLR Magic 12mm prime combo. It weightened 880g+, but bellow 1.1KG. The support guy said me it would need at least 1.1KG to be able to set a PID correctly. I asked about adding some counter weight, like these ones we use in RC airplanes and after a day he replied to me I would be fine. Anyways, I ordered a Battery grip.

    Emm, is it possible to use an external microphone with your setup? I know you cannot use it directly on camera, but can you put it in the gimbal and just connect to the camera or the cable attached would disturb the balance?

    Thank you!

  5. Emm

    Post author

    @Dez - I don't think so, as long as you can scoot the camera far enough back to get the center balance.

  6. Ian

    Hi Emm, your footages are amazing!!!
    Nice job!
    I'm planing to get a 3 axis gimbal.
    Did you use any follow focus? or just narrow your aperture?

  7. Karl

    Hey Emm, the CAME 7000 footage looks awesome, but the real question is, where can we find that "Fuck Your Selfies" shirt. lol

  8. Emm great review! I bought one of these a few months ago its still in the box 🙁 not time to build but keep these vids coming they give me good idea of what this rig can do. P.S. have you found a case to keep this in during transit to protect it? also what about extra batteries what do you recommend?


  9. Emm

    Post author

    @Mark - From the gimbal it was the 5D Mark III shot in 720p @60fps and then conformed. The BTS footage behind the gimbal was actually me shooting with the GH4 @96fps but he had to speed it up to match his footage.

  10. Emm

    Post author

    @Dez - Staying in focus is easier when you have a very wide lens and stop down the aperture at least around F/6.3.

  11. Hi Emm,

    Just curious, was the %D footage slowed down in twixtor or did they shoot it at 720P? Or was this video solely the BTS footage shot on something other than the 5DIII.

    Thank you,


  12. Dez

    @Emm Very impressive! I love that the video looks sharp and in focus. My question is how did you keep the girls in focus while moving in and out so quickly? Thanks in advance

  13. Emm

    Post author

    @Peak 3 - Just like vest systems, most are designed for larger cameras. It's probably possible to throw small cameras in big stabilizers, but there's a reason why we're buying smaller cameras. It's like buying a massive tripod for an iphone.

    I think this year these companies will finally realize the smaller Sony and Panasonic cameras are just as capable and need to design smaller systems.

  14. Emm, Have you come across any of the chinese small 3 axis stabilizers more sized for the pocket cam or gh4? I need to save on weight and won't be flying any larger cameras. Also it needs a radio controller.

    Thanks, Zak

  15. Oh Yeah, I know you balance the Roll by moving the whole cage and arm up and down, and slide it a little right or to the left, But it seems to just want to list to the side about 25 degrees, if I make an adjustment, it list's to the other side.

  16. Emm

    Post author

    @Southendude - I think the problem is that the camera setup you have may be too lightweight. I tried a small BMPCC on a CAME 6000 and it freaked out until I loaded it up with more weight. I literally had to stack weights on top of the camera.

    The profiles right now for the CAME 7000 are for the Canon DSLR and Wide Prime Lens. Knowing this, I have not tried to balance the GH3/GH4 on the CAME 7000 and configuring a new profile. I have it working, and that's good enough for me right now until I can find time to try a new profile.

  17. [email protected]: Just curious, hows that GH3 and 12-35mm lens combo settings coming on the Came7000? Also. in stead of trying to configure a shut-off button, it would be great, if there was a choice in the software to choose one of the 4-way button functions to be an ON-Off switch. Like maybe a double or triple click on the top button of the 4-way button controller. I have been offered a refund from came-TV I don't want to return it, but I just am having a very difficult time getting the GH3 and my 12-35mm lens to work period, I feel defeated, and that I may have bitten off more than I can chew! I'm going to get the GH4 also and would like that to work with the gimbal, since they are the same bodies, might be a very slight difference in balancing.

    Emm, also when you are balancing the GH3, I would like to know if you have a hard time getting the Roll to balance, I don't see a way to be able to move the camera on the base plate to the right or left, just forward and backward. Any ideas? There has to be many other people out there with GH3's and 4's that want to use the Alexmos gimbal.

    Thanks in advance!

  18. Emm

    Post author

    @Abdel - Hmm. I would make sure you have the camera balanced perfectly. If you tilt the camera it could easily throw off the center of balance and the gimbal could be trying to compensate. Outside of that I have not changed much of the profile settings. At the show we had several shots in which the camera was tilted up and the gimbal was sweeping just inches off the floor.

    It did start to freak out anytime we were just hauling it like around like a suitcase, since the handles would change positions to an extreme degree. Every time we were just walking around we had to disconnect the battery and then reconnect when we were ready for the next shot.

  19. Abdel

    Thanks for the review and the BTS! That's awesome.
    I'm using your profile since I use nearly the same configuration as you. I'm still tuning it but I still have a problem with the roll when the camera pointing up and I can't fix it.
    Do you have the same issue? Did you fine tune the profile you shared previously?

    Thank you Emm, You're helping me a lot!

    Cheers from Belgium
    ps: sorry for my english 🙂

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