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Ok, so i'll be off to NAB next week and this time I thought about just traveling light. Instead of a shoulder rig, I wanted to bring a tall standing Monopod as my main support. Much easier to travel with instead of a cumbersome Tripod which I have to level out. I didn't have time to to place an online order and have it shipped out before I leave, so I thought i'd just eat the cost and check out my local Best Buy electronics store. My weapon of choice is the Sunpak Carbon Pro monopod. This thing is super lightweight and they have the quick locks, not the rotating type. It's a four section Monopod which is perfect for fast setups (instead of messing with 5), but can't be broken down as small as a 5 section. That's fine, I actually was looking specifically for a 3-4 section.

Minimum length is about 21" but this thing is super super super light. It's said to be rated to support at least 15 lbs. but my goal is to travel with much much less. After feeling like i've spent a bit too much money paying retail store prices, I checked online to see the going rate. To my surprise, I actually got quite a good deal on this Monopod. Even the most generic 3 section Carbon versions with quick locks run for much much more than this Sunpak, and i'm very happy with the quality, size, and weight. It's listed as 0.55 lbs, Max Load 15lbs., minimum length 21", Maximum 56.3". This particular one isn't even available on Amazon, and because it runs for much more on eBay, i'm not too unhappy about this last minute purchase.

I suggest you stop in at your local Best Buy and check out the Monopod in person. If they are out of stock in the stores, they are also available on the Best Buy retail website (below).
Sunpak PRO 563
find-price-button Sunpak Carbon Fiber 4 section Monopod with Quick Locks

Optionally you could find it on B&H here:
find-price-button Sunpak Carbon Fiber 4 section Monopod with Quick Locks

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  1. Emm

    Post author

    @Mohit - The Sunpak was also used at NAB2011 as seen in this BTS video or this video It's a much sturdier monopod to carry more weight.

    I never go anywhere without my Macbook Air and a point and shoot camera. These days it's the HX9. The Velbon is so small and light, I have it in my backpack as one of the items I never go anywhere without but is only good for so much weight.

  2. Hi Emm, Looks like (from your subsequent post) that you ended up using the Velbon UltraStick M50 during the NAB. Any comments about how the SunPak compares to the UltraStick? I'd guess Carbon Fiber holds up better long-term, but the Velbon folds down to 1 ft compared to almost 2 feet for the SunPak, but the SunPak is only 50g heavier than the UltraStick!

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  4. What are you looking forward to checking out most at NAB? For me its a toss up between the af100 and substantiate the rumors of the 5d mk3. Oh and meeting Kevin Smith.

  5. Emm

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    @J Toha - Actually i'm not putting a fluid head on. I'm just using it as is. I also have that Manfrotto tripod and it works great, but very heavy. The feet don't actually work that well either. About one minute into this video you see the Monopod httpss://

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