Sony’s latest A6300 APS-C Camera with 4K Internal Recording

I could remember just a short time ago it was a struggle to find an affordable interchangeable lens camera with 4K internal recording. Even the original Sony A7s didn't offer this, and the Sony A7RII had issues with overheating when recording in 4K. The Sony A7sII is an excellent camera but the price tag of $3,000 is not quite budget friendly. For quality internal 4K recording on an ILC there are cameras such as the Panasonic GH4 or G7, but it's also a smaller sensor camera which some people aren't fans of.

Sony's recent announcement of the A6300 with 4K internal recording at just $1,000 dollars is very exciting news. 4K Video Internal recording (100Mbps) with an APS-C sized sensor (throw a speedbooster on this one!), offering up with SLOG2/SLOG3 with 14 stops of Dynamic Range, and 120fps HD (100Mbps) high frame rate are just a few notable features. It is certainly offering a lot of what the more expensive A7sII has, with some features far better like the new Auto Focus system.

Now there are some features that are limited such as no headphone out port, and 30 minute video clip lengths. It's not clear if the videos longer than 30 minutes will continue, or if it will just stop. But by using and external recorder, you could probably get around that. Regardless of some of the small cons, for the price there's a lot to like in the new Sony A6300 that could pull a good market share away from current some Panasonic GH4 shooters. This is a camera I think will work very well next to my A7sII and i'm planning on getting one, unless of course Panasonic announces a killer GH5 soon and then i'll have to rethink...

sony a6300 4k mirrorlessSony A6300 4K Camera
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17 thoughts on “Sony’s latest A6300 APS-C Camera with 4K Internal Recording

  1. @Swiss, Yes it will vignette. I see vignette around 22mm an below on my 18-35 using a Metabones SB Ultra mounted to the FS700. I haven't used the 10-20 from Sigma, but have used the 10-22 from Canon, but due the extreme wide angle I don't use a speedbooster. Just a smart adapter. Vignetting occurs around 14mm I believe.

  2. JKPinPDX

    I've got G.A.S.
    (for those of you that know what that means to photo/videographers)
    ..But I also have my first REAL 4K camera... I think this will be a great start before I go flop for the Sony A7RII
    Got mine pre-ordered already!

  3. Barry

    Besides the lack of a headphone jack, and the recording time limitations... this camera seems like a no brainer for $1000. Gonna do some more research today... but I'd love to read any comments about the downsides... thanks!

  4. I'm with Jim on the overheating Issue, Had my fill with the NEX-7. No Headphone jack is also just plain stupid to me.

    But I'm Loving my RX-10 M2 If it had touch screen focus with a variable speed like the NX-1, I would not even think about another camera.

  5. freiheit

    too bad that "4K over sampling from 6K" is only happen with 4K24P. 4K30P and 1080P120P are "2.2x crop (8MP center crop)"...check what Jordan from The Camera Store TV says :


  6. Louis

    Panasonic has a tall order to fill with their next GH camera. Knowing Panasonic I'm seating here asking myself how will they deliver to compete. There're some improvements in my opinion that can be done on the GH4 that will get the next GH going on the right track but the questions is will they do it? Like you said Emm this camera and A7S II will be a great combo especially for my wedding video shoots. I honestly don't know why I having jumped on the A7S II yet, probably because I wanted a good cheaper Sony B came to compliment the A7S if I get it and now its looking like that is a route I will take. Like many others, I'm hoping that Panasonic is doing something good with the next GH camera too and I will hold on till at least June before I decide, beside wedding season is not until that time. So Panasonic, surprise us.

  7. Emm

    Post author

    @MovieBuff - Yes you can record from the HDMI 8bit 4.2.2 which is slightly better than it's internal recording of 4.2.0

  8. MovieBuff

    I wonder if it has a clean HDMI output for live streaming purposes (Even if you can't simultaneously record with live outputting, it would be great.).

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