Sony A6500 S&Q 120fps Slow Motion 1080p and 1fps S&Q Timelapse

Nothing serious. Just thought I would try out the 1fps + 120fps S&Q feature on the Sony A6500 Mirrorless Camera today. Used available light indoors and out. Shot with the Sony 16-35mm F/4 Lens and Sony 35mm F/1.8 Lens. Used continuous Autofocus and shot Hand Held. Because I was shooting with mixed lighting indoors, I found the footage really hard to color balance. Since I was shooting at 120fps, I set my shutter to 1/250th which cut a lot of light indoors and shot mostly around ISO 2500. It's a neat camera, but the footage works best if you can expose properly. I found it hard to shift the exposure and color around much in post.

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3 thoughts on “Sony A6500 S&Q 120fps Slow Motion 1080p and 1fps S&Q Timelapse

  1. Ali Barlik

    Hi, I tried 1 fps shooting and it must be x25 quicker but its looking 1x on laptop. Do you use a software after shooting?

    Thak you

  2. Peter

    Hi Em,

    Thanks for the video and review of the S&Q footage. I don't have the camera and been looking up information on this particular feature but can't find much online.

    Does it allow you select ANY frame rate between 1-120fps? for example could I choose 48fps or 100fps in the US model? Also what bitrate are they recorded in; is it 100 Mbps or does it scale with the selected frame rate? (100 Mbps only for 120 fps and 50 Mbps for 60/30/24 fps)

    Thanks I found my answer, unfortunately it does restrict FPS and Mbps. 1,2,4,8,15/30/60/120fps with up to 50Mbps

  3. Stumble upon this blog while searching something for Sony camera. Kind of fall in love with the Sony A6500. Do you have any idea or is it possible to attached that Sony A6500 on to the drones? Sorry. Just newbies question. Maybe it is hard for drones to be stabled and capture that 120fps.It would be nice if you ever produce article about attaching camera to drones.

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