Sony A6500 with FotoDiox ND Throttle Variable ND Filter Canon EF to Sony Lens Adapter

Although I love many of the features of the new Sony A6500, I feel there's a lot more noise than the Sony A7SII, so shooting and grading SLOG footage would probably 'not be' my first choice. I'm currently experimenting with Profile 3 and Profile 4 right out of the camera for now.

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While shooting outside with the Sony A6500 I needed to work with an ND Filter, so I decided to throw on the Fotodiox Fusion ND Throttle Lens Adapter that has a built in Variable ND. For those who are concerned about losing sharpness, I provided a few examples.

Since i'm not shooting with a totally flat image, I only applied some basic curves (contrast) and tried to adjust the white balance. The ND Throttle helped keep the shutter and aperture under control so I could maintain a shallow DOF. I believe most people will end up buying Sony AutoFocus Lenses, but if you want to adapt Canon EF to your Sony A6500, this Fusion ND Throttle is very handy. You can find the FotoDiox ND Throttle Fusion Lens Adapter available on Amazon (here).

Learn-More-smFotoDiox Fusion ND Throttle Canon EF to Sony E-Mount Variable ND Filter Lens Adapter

Here's another sample where I push the image around with a whole bunch of color adjustments just to see how well Picture Profile 3 holds up in post. From my tests, I think it's a good go-to in-camera profile when you're too lazy to correct SLOG and want to minimize noise.

5 thoughts on “Sony A6500 with FotoDiox ND Throttle Variable ND Filter Canon EF to Sony Lens Adapter

  1. Paul Frederick

    I've had great results with turning Picture Profile off and using "Autumn Leaves" with Contrast turned to -3, color and detail I leave at 0 but you can reduce those too. Here is a sample with my A6300 shot in 4K.

  2. Glen

    Hey Em, thanks for the reply. I understand the great advantage of having the ND behind the lens. I already have a Vizelex ND Throttle dumb adapter that has the variable ND in it. I was just curious how the autofocus of the adapter for this one is. If it was as good or close to as good as the Metabones or Sigma ones, maybe I would upgrade. But if its not very good, it isn't worth it to upgrade to get the electronics. I'll just use manual lenses that don't need the electronics and use my dumb adapter instead.

  3. Post author

    @Glen - Autofocus is not the strong point of this adapter. If that is important, you would be better off with a different adapter. But at the same note, nothing can replace the true speed of autofocus than with native Sony lenses. I feel adapted lenses with the best adapters still won't be able to offer the same speed. For many of us who use Cinema and Manual lenses, this adapter offers a great advantage placing the ND behind the lens.

  4. Glen

    How's the autofocus with this adapter work on Canon and 3rd party Canon lenses? Does it work as well as the Metabones or Sigma MC-11? If not, how much worse is the autofocus? Thanks for your answer!

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