Seriously? Another Favorite of mine Cloned?

Above: Black Rapid RS DR-1 dual camera strap

Dual camera straps are a must for any event photographer. Two cameras, one lens for wide and one lens for Zoom, fast shots with no lens changing. I know many many photographers who will kick themselves after this post. Ok, so I have a friend who loves to borrow my Black Rapid RS DR-1 dual camera strap. I love the thing too, it's functional and it's quite macho. I did pay over $130 dollars for it, but like I said it does the job.

So i'm poking around the web trying to find a deal on it so that my friend can start rockin' his own Dual Camera Straps, but Amazon has some pretty cheap looking knock offs. Finally turning to the old trustworthy eBay sellers, I just happened upon what looks to be an 'exact' replica of the Black Rapid RS DR-1! Even the cool clip adapter looks exactly the same. Where was this thing before? Sheesh, talk about savings too, I could have purchased three of these clones... I'm going to try and get a hold of one to compare, but to be honest, i'm already sold. Maybe i'll sell mine to 'my friend' and then just pick up this item? Nah..too late, he reads my blogs..crap. Check out the Black Rapid RS Dual Camera strap Clone.

Below: Black Rapids RS DR-1 Dual Camera Strap Clone
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13 thoughts on “Seriously? Another Favorite of mine Cloned?

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  2. DPC

    I've used the Black Rapid before and it's great (actually rented it for a wedding), but at $130 it's a bit pricey.

    The link to the clone returns no items.. perhaps they're out of stock? Any suggestion on other alternatives?

  3. Emm

    Post author

    Hey Friend. Guess you're not interested in buying a BlackRapid dual camera strap for $130 bucks? LOL

  4. Emm

    Post author

    I hate the OEM straps, as you can tell from my videos I don't use them on any of my cameras. Yes it does mount under the camera, but is also very quick to remove so you have the option of using a strap or not using a strap. I use them alot for Photography type shoots where we don't use 'stabilizer rigs'. They don't advertise this, but it can be split in half via Velcro and I use one half if i'm running with one camera, so if you're on vacation in a public place where you aren't running with a rig, these straps are handy. You'll catch me using it at the end of this video Look at exactly 1:42 to see how the straps work. They slide on the harness so it's fast up and down action.

  5. Mike

    Emm, how do the camera's attach? Looks like you screw in to the bottom of the cameras. Would you recommend this for videographers?

    I see the benefit for photographers but most times I have my cameras on some kind of stabilizer so while it would be nice to have my extra camera and lens around my side, if I have to unscrew it from the holster to use it on a monopod, doesn't seem like it would save any time.

  6. Emm

    Post author

    The straps come apart so you can use one half for one camera. It's not truly meant to be this way, but it's still more comfortable than the OEM strap. It will feel weird if you're using the full harness with just one side on. Check out this video of me taking some photos and i'm using one half of the strap Look at exactly 1:42 to see how the straps work. They slide on the harness so it's fast up and down action.

  7. Emm, do you know if the double strap would still work if I only have one camera? does it balance itself or would I need two similar body (so similar weight) therefore it balances itself out?

  8. Serge

    S**T Im going to have to wait before buying anything and and check with you first to see if you find a better deal. I purchased my Black Rapid a couple weeks ago at B&H grrrrrrrrrr!

  9. Getem

    lol, your one funny dude. I love reading your blogs ( pause ) and all of the helpful info you provide


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