Hong Kong ViewFinder – Late in the Game?



Hong Kong trying to introduce a new ViewFinder, but is a bit late in the Viewfinder game. It's a decent color scheme when matched up with it's Wondlan Shoulder Rig counterparts, but outside of that it's not my style. It's also a bit pricey for something coming from over seas, considering the hot topic is the LCDVF clones. Now with the LCDVF replicas selling from under $70 bucks, the only thing anyone would want from this Viewfinder would be the solid mount under the camera.

I'm already skeptical about this even moving off the shelves. The only thing that's going to save this idea is if it gets in our hands for a good ol' fashion showdown viewfinder vs. viewfinder style. Here's where you can find this Wondlan Viewfinder.

One thought on “Hong Kong ViewFinder – Late in the Game?

  1. Serge

    Sure is ugly and at $149 plus shipping it wont be making its mark, I dont see if very useful when you need the tripod hole for other gadgets or even when using a battery grip.

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