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I ride electric skateboards and I ride them quite a bit. I use them whenever I find the opportunity when tracking shots or subjects. Combined with a hand held stabilizer, you can get smooth long fast dolly like motion. One problem with skateboards though is they can't turn on a dime. Many Steadicam operators have used Segways, but they need to be modified for hands-free operation (so you can hold your camera equipment). But a big problem is that you can't throw a Segway in the trunk of your car.

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So here's a fun new toy i've been riding around with for the last few weeks. It's a self balancing two wheeled electric scooter-thing much like a Segway but totally hands-free. It's actually very easy to learn and most people pick it up in just five minutes. Combined with a gimbal stabilizer, you've got a pretty smooth infinite track dolly that helps remove the up/down motion that often shows up when walking or running (even with gimbals).

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We recently shot at a HUGE warehouse in San Francisco, possibly about the size of 4-5 city blocks. Moving from end to end would have been a task just walking, but we moved swiftly using our 3 electric skateboards and this segway-thing. I even carried equipment back and forth from the parking lot. This certainly was a huge asset and we plan on purchasing several more. It's small enough to throw in your car, and light enough to carry with one hand, but it will pretty much run you about 5 hours of average use. You'll find them under various name brands, but they all seem to be the same (CLICK HERE).

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  1. Adriene

    Bought one for my grandson and he jumped on it like it was part of his feet . Being 11 he didn't have the fear of breaking a hip like me . When I tried standing on it , it kept spinning a way from me . He said you have to get on fast with out thinking about it but everytime I put my foot on the board it moved a way from me . Over and over he showed me how he effortlessly stepped on and took off on it . Finally we both came to the conclusion " grandma maybe your just too old " lol ! He absolutely loves this thing but the battery charge doesn't seem to be as long as we were told it would be . There is now way it runs for 12 miles lol! But the charge would be the only complaint .

  2. Johnny

    Just got two, from two separate brand, one seems easier than the other. We learned that if you never try this before, make sure to stand in front of w bar and use that to hold you while stepping on it and learn its motion, once you get understanding how it works, you can let go and drive away. It takes less than 3mins to get it on right 🙂

  3. Hogo

    So after experimentation, I held down the power button until everything started flashing. All the motors stopped, but the lights kept flashing. I turned it off then back on again and now it lets me get on perfectly. Not sure if that's a reset or not, but works great now. I can hear the wheels bottom out on the little fenders once in awhile, but I'm positive that's just because I weigh about 200 lbs! Time for cardio 🙂

  4. Hogo

    It's both sides. It's really barely a touch and it goes crazy. I have experience skating and snowboarding, and I've been really careful to be perfectly level. It's very frustrating. I'm trying to find out if it can be reset. I believe it may be a calibration issue, however the manual is a little lacking...

  5. Emm

    Post author

    @Hogo - Is that for both sides? Or one side? Mine moves as well if you don't place your foot perfectly horizontal.

  6. Hogo

    Yeah, that sounds good, however when I barely even touch the top, it accelerates in circles.

  7. Emm

    Post author

    @Hogo - Anytime you tilt it, it will move. Place one foot on first and try to keep that foot perfectly level to where it doesn't move. Then shift your entire body weight over to that one foot as if you wanted to stand on one leg. Then bring the other leg up. You want to do this in reverse when getting off, and always step off backwards.

  8. Hogo

    Hey Emm, got my scooter but the thing won't let me stand on it without it accelerating away from me! Ever have this problem? I think I have to exchange it for a new one...

  9. Hogo

    I ordered last week from sainsonic but they have been very quiet on sending me a shipping confirmation. Hope I didn't get cheesycammed and they sold out...

  10. magetv

    I already wear them when I operate my fully built out vest and arm with full sled...
    maybe elbows too for this...

  11. SameGame

    How difficult is it to stand still on it? Would you have to sway front and back slightly?

  12. Emm

    Post author

    @Jem - Charges up in a few hours, runs for maybe 4-5 miles non stop. If you cycle on/off, should last the whole day.

  13. Emm

    Post author

    @Tone1k - I also own the 'one wheel self balancing' thing. I can ride it too, but it's very hard to compared to the two wheel and way heavier.

  14. Emm

    Post author

    @kicap - I think 6mph which is fast enough for following a jogger. You really don't want to go too fast with something like this. Any faster and I would use my skateboard or out of a car.

  15. MK

    Guys - time to make sure your gear insurance is up to date. Emm seems to have a background in skating, I can see guys jumping on this thing and ending up with terrible results trashing their gear.

  16. Emm

    Post author

    @Scott O'Reilly - Yes you can travel backwards and rotate any direction. Works exactly like a Segway.

  17. Emm

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    @deceres - Yes you can carry a DJI Ronin. If you are good, you can carry anything. I even carry my daughter on this with me sometimes.

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