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I ride electric skateboards and I ride them quite a bit. I use them whenever I find the opportunity when tracking shots or subjects. Combined with a hand held stabilizer, you can get smooth long fast dolly like motion. One problem with skateboards though is they can't turn on a dime. Many Steadicam operators have used Segways, but they need to be modified for hands-free operation (so you can hold your camera equipment). But a big problem is that you can't throw a Segway in the trunk of your car.

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So here's a fun new toy i've been riding around with for the last few weeks. It's a self balancing two wheeled electric scooter-thing much like a Segway but totally hands-free. It's actually very easy to learn and most people pick it up in just five minutes. Combined with a gimbal stabilizer, you've got a pretty smooth infinite track dolly that helps remove the up/down motion that often shows up when walking or running (even with gimbals).

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We recently shot at a HUGE warehouse in San Francisco, possibly about the size of 4-5 city blocks. Moving from end to end would have been a task just walking, but we moved swiftly using our 3 electric skateboards and this segway-thing. I even carried equipment back and forth from the parking lot. This certainly was a huge asset and we plan on purchasing several more. It's small enough to throw in your car, and light enough to carry with one hand, but it will pretty much run you about 5 hours of average use. You'll find them under various name brands, but they all seem to be the same (CLICK HERE).

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