Savage Vinyl Backdrops


With my new studio in place, i'm upgrading some of the seamless backdrops from paper to the new Vinyl material. Seamless paper backdrops are pretty common for studio use, but paper drops are extremely fragile. Once they get creased, pick up dirt, or even tear, it's time to cut off a section. Eventually after a bit of use, you'll need to replace the entire roll. Cloth backdrops are more durable, can be washed, but harder to get that infinity look due to the wrinkles and creases.

Savage Backdrops, who I use as my paper drops are now creating a new set of Seamless Vinyl Backdrops in at least the standard basic colors White, Black, and Gray. For those who want to get into Chroma Key 'Green Screen', there's one available for that. The Vinyl material and backing prevents wrinkles, has a matte finish for no glares, seamless all the way through, and can be cleaned with a damp sponge. When purchasing online over a retail store, prices are comparable to paper rolls. You can the backdrops available over at B&H: Savage Seamless Vinyl Backdrops in White, Black, Gray, and Chroma Green.

In order to hold these rolls in place, you'll need to grab yourself a cheap Studio Photo Backdrop Stand set.

4 thoughts on “Savage Vinyl Backdrops

  1. Juan

    Hi Guys,

    i am looking for a set, Chroma Key and lighting also with the stand. How much wll that cost to get.

  2. Emm

    Post author

    You can use a roll of vinyl flooring, they sell scraps at home depot. It's thick but can be rolled up, and it's cheap. Use the backside of it.

  3. I purchased the white version 8x10. However I didnt think about what I was going to do with the carpet? How do I fix this? Plexiglass? Plyboard?

  4. LeavingNormal

    Perfect i've been looking for a good replacement for my old one. Keepin those things wrinkly free is a pain in the ass. Thanks for the recommendation.

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