3 Way or 4 Way Flash Umbrella Bracket


Now that Yongnuo is getting into the Flash game pretty heavily, it sounds like these cheap flash alternatives could grab more consumer market share. If you're looking to use the flashes off camera, it's possible to fire them off with the RF-602 wireless trigger system. If you want to broaden the flash area and add some speed to recycle times, you might want to double or even triple them up. By setting each flash to a lower power setting this should increase the recycle time for you to fire off another flash. By using 3 flashes over one, you'll also get a broader softer source of light. Strobies sells an inexpensive Interfit INT337 Triple Flash Bracket with cold shoes and umbrella holder. Now all flashes including Canon will recommend limiting the flashes depending on your power setting, to ensure you don't overheat your flash. That's another good reason not to have a single flash going full power. Check out this video from Aaron on the built in protection of the Yongnuo flash https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y7XxK_Z3rQ8

Aside from flashes, this handy mount can also be used to mount three of your Video LED lights into a wider array to cover a broader area. If you're using the Z96 LED lights that have the ability to mount together, you might be wondering why you'll need something like this. Consider that by using the Strobies 3 way bracket, you'd be able to position each LED Video light in slightly different direction. Something you won't be able to do if you have them joined together using their current mounting system.

If a threesome isn't enough for you, how about a four way Flash bracket from LightwareDirect called the 'FourSquare'. This four way bracket is sold on as it's own 'Block' or in kits that provide different sized Softboxes to complete your new portable battery powered lightweight strobe. Now this four way bracket would look pretty cool to mount 4 LED Video lights.


3 thoughts on “3 Way or 4 Way Flash Umbrella Bracket

  1. J. Zonstani

    Any Ebay links for cheap clones of the triple or quadruple for south of $15?

    I made a quad flash bracket from Home Depot parts for $3 a while back, but wouldn't mind paying a bit for something professionally milled. However, I think $40-90 is a bit rich.

  2. Lensdude

    I guess if you had four strobes this might be a great idea. Or you could look to get a used White Lightning strobe monolight which is way more efficient.

    I use a lot of everything. I own four White Lightning Ultra 1200's and two White Lightning Ultra 1800's. They work great. These are older systems and can be found for good prices on the used market.

    I also use a lot of small strobes. I am a loyal Canon shooter but I find that Nikon makes great strobes for off camera use. Some of the benefits with the Nikons is the wireless group function, they have PC outlets, have better off camera range and can be found cheaply. I am on the constant hunt for Nikon SB800's and SB80-DX's . The SB80-DX can be found quite cheaply if you know where to look and be patient. I now have about ten or so Nikon strobes in addition to the four Canon strobes I have. I use the Nikon's on the manual setting. The PC outlets (only available on the top of the line Canon strobes) are a real nice plus as I own about six or so Pocket Wizard slave units. I know there are all kinds of cheap eBay triggering systems but the Pocket Wizards are the total BOMB here: they never let me down...

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