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After posting a video comparing the Zoom H1 to Tascam DR-08 seen here: http://cheesycam.com/tascam-dr-08-vs-zoom-h1-continued/, I got a few questions about the unusual bracket I had on the video. Even though i'm not done with the items for it, i'll answer those questions now. I received it in the mail working on a twin flash Macro rig for a friend. Considering twin flash Macro kits like the Canon MT-24EX Macro Twin Lite Ringlite Flash runs for almost $700 dollars, this is a cheaper way of getting a twin light setup.


Why not just use a Ring Light Adapter like the 'O Flash'? The O-Flash provides nice even lighting, but still has a somewhat flat look. Using a twin light setup, each light can be modified at different distances from the macro subject, different angles, and even separate power settings for a more dimensional look. The metal lower bracket i'm still trying to figure out, but looks like it's been cut similar to a quick release plate. Which one it will fit, i'm still not sure. The flexible arms are actually pretty beefy. They won't hold up a large Canon 580 EX II speedlite, but has enough strength to carry a low profile flash. In order to remotely fire these flashes, it will be setup with the cheap Yongnuo RF-602 wireless triggers. The ball mount + cold shoes can also be removed and you'll be left with a standard 1/4 x 20 threaded end on the flexible arm. This is how I was able to mount the Zoom H1 at the end of one.

Having the dual flash setup will also be interesting for use as an event rig. Should provide a wider area of flash without giving off the usual flat look. I'll have more information once this it built out a little bit more, but you can find this bracket here: Twin Flexible Arm Macro Flash Bracket

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  1. Glenn

    I really liked mine until it stopped holding positions. There is a metal rod inside the base of the flexible arms that is held in place by set screws. Mine sheared off, not allowing the arms to stay in place after about a month of use. Now I am looking for a new option.

  2. Shadow

    Very interesting indeed.

    I've seen that "dslr-a" on ebay is selling two twin flash kits that could be used with this dual mount :

    - "Macro Twin Flash Lite Light kit" ( Twin Flash Kit for Digital SLR Camera )
    guide number = 20, $90, each flash unit weighs 115g (without the two AA batteries, I guess).

    - "macro flash kit" ( Macro Flash Kit for Digital SLR Camera )
    guide number = 14 (not sure if this is enough), $114, each flash unit weighs 68g.

    It also seems that you can buy the twin flash system and not the whole kit, which would be cheaper (and if you're using the dual mount bracket, you don't need another bracket).

    Recycle time is said to be 5-7 seconds (at full power, using fully charged alkaline batteries), which seems to be very high...
    On the other hand, it seems that the MT-24EX has similar specs :
    "7 seconds (full power w/ alkaline batteries)
    4 seconds (full power w/ Ni-Cd batteries) "

    Any thought on those kits ? Which one would you buy ?

  3. Triggers? Just hard-wire it. Buy the right cord from Flash Zebra, and you're good to go. You can use a mono audio splitter (radio shack) to split the signal, then a cord from each "leg" of the splitter to the flash.

    Bonus - can do High Speed Synch.
    Second bonus - can do rear curtain flash.

    Give Lon a call at Flash Zebra, he'll fix you up. Great guy, great service.


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