Sony NEX-VG10 is now Available

Sony NEX-VG10 Interchangeable Lens Camcorder

Apparently the Sony NEX-VG10 is now available here, but how many people knew about this? When Sony first announced this interchangeable lens Camcorder (not DSLR), it caused quite a stir. Shortly after it was drowned out by all the news from upcoming Photokina. Panasonic also had better specs on the upcoming AG-AF101 which would be a direct competitor against this new Sony NEX-VG10. It's got many similar DSLR features with manual controls over shutter, iris, and still takes 14MP images. The microphone and audio is said to process much better than current DSLR's, but I don't think this is considered the 'game changer'. There's a full review over at B&H's Insights: if you care to know more.

3 thoughts on “Sony NEX-VG10 is now Available

  1. Trevor

    it's an interesting hybrid camera, but, man, 60i? really?

    also, without some sort of third party adapter that would allow the use of, say, nikon or zeiss glass, i am fairly unimpressed.

    perhaps i am too much of a naysayer at this point.

    we will see, though.

  2. I don't think the VG10 will be in competition with the AF101, just look at the price tag!!! I think this little sony camera that is said to be in the proconsumer range won't win over dslr. 60i, sdhc and memory stick??? 😛 and sony lenses...
    I don't care much about the better audio unless you give me 2 xlr jack on the cam...

    This could have been a 'game changer' but I don't think Sony realy listen (or read) what we (the users) need!

    On the other side, I would really love to get hands on that AG-AF101 as I've been working with panasonic before my 7d and I'd like to see what it is capable of!

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