Rycote Super-Shield Kit Windshield Blimp for Shotgun Mics

My favorite shotgun microphone at the moment is the Azden SGM-250CX. It's a short shotgun mic with great sound, comes with it's own shock mount, an XLR Lead built in, and has a 1/4" thread for easy mounting. But because i've also been using it to boom outdoors, I wanted to build out a small Blimp (it's been very windy lately). So I decided to buy the Rycote Super-Shield Kit and purchased an extra small pod to get it exactly the way I wanted.

By starting with a short shotgun mic like the Azden SGM-250CX, and replacing the original front pod on the Rycote Super-Shield, I was able to shave off almost 4" off my blimp. That's pretty significant if you're trying to travel with smaller gear, and I'm still getting the same sound I would from a larger Azden SGM-250 mic!

It's certainly an investment to ensure you're getting better audio, but all it takes is one bad interview to ruin the quality of your work, and possibly your reputation for hire if you screw up an important job. Soif you think you're getting to that level of production, but want to keep your gear small, I think this setup is a great addition that should last for many many years.

rycote super shield microphone blimp
crystal 800 wireless Rycote Super-Shield Microphone Windshield (blimp)

Rycote Replacement Rear Pod Small Blimp
crystal 800 wireless Rycote Super-Shield Rear Pod

Azden SGM-250CX XLR Microphone
crystal 800 wireless Azden SGM-250CX Short Shotgun

6 thoughts on “Rycote Super-Shield Kit Windshield Blimp for Shotgun Mics

  1. Post author

    @Chris Knight - Well if you don't know yet, Rycote makes all the suspension mounts for RODE (and other mics), so they're pretty much at the top when it comes to quality. About the boom pole, mine came in a random kit a while back, but it's expensive if you have to buy one separate. httpss://bhpho.to/2oNFS7v

  2. Post author

    @Brian - I got mine as part of a different kit a while back. If you have to buy it separate, it's really pricey. Maybe a decent selfie stick would work just as well, but here's the link anyhows: httpss://bhpho.to/2oNFS7v

  3. Chris Knight

    Nice tip, thanks!

    Always surprised at the high price for the Rode blimp, and these look to be in the same bracket...

    Have a link for the mini boom pole?

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