Sling Studio Live Switcher Updates General Overview

As Sling Studio continues to roll out updates, the Sling Studio system is becoming more and more popular. Not to mention the popularity for Live Production and Live Streaming with multiple camera angles services are also growing in demand.

Sling Studio has just about the basic needs for small businesses looking to step into Live Streaming, and it solves many of the issues such as running cables, or having to use expensive cameras. You could literally use high quality iPhones or Android phones. If you're already an experienced video shooter, and looking to expand your services (for some extra cash), you could now affordably offer Multi-camera Live production / streaming with the Sling Studio system.

SlingStudio Wireless Live Switch Live Stream Live Production
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5 thoughts on “Sling Studio Live Switcher Updates General Overview

  1. Ulugbek

    Can you tell when the company will be able to release the firmware with PAL support? It is very important.

  2. I use a system similar to yours for school. (iPods and all!) It's great for a school setting as the kids already are familiar with using iPods/phones as cameras. The process of getting a program into Premiere (my go to editor) is really straight forward and easy and makes tweaking a production afterwards a very simple process. I like the new video import option as we can run in pre-produced student "packages" into a show very easily. I only wish we didn't have to use a live camera slot for each video package! Oh well, that being said, it's a great product for anyone wanting to get into live production.

    One more item: the few second delay from live to recording. It is a bit disconcerting, but if you switch using headphones and listen to the feed and concentrate on the iPad, then you're good to go. I also sometimes listen live and use that as a cue to switch cameras. The delay makes almost perfectly timed transitions! Use the time delay "issue" to your advantage!

  3. Ronn

    Just FYI - you can rent these from dirt cheap. Good way to try b4 you buy.

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