Building My BlackMagic Design Micro Cinema Camera Rig

I've shown a few different setups with my BMMCC Camera rig a few times, and so I've decided to throw up a breakdown of my BlackMagic Design Micro Cinema Camera build.

As you know, the Micro Cinema Camera doesn't even come with a screen. So you're unable to change any settings until you've added a monitor.

BlackMagic Design Micro Cinema Camera

For a monitor, I've chosen the BlackMagic Design Video Assist 5" LCD which also doubles as a ProRes Video Recorder. It's small, and I can simultaneously record RAW in camera while recording Prores to the BMVA. This is handy if you want a backup recording, or if you want to record proxy files in real time.

BlackMagic Design Video Assist Monitor

Now mounting the monitor meant I needed a cage, and a way to pick up the camera. So my choice was to use the SmallRig BMMCC Cage and Top Handle.

SmallRig Cage for Micro Cinema Camera

Since the sensor is pretty small (cropped view), I've added a metabones MFT to EF Speedbooster. This offers a wider view, and makes your glass a bit faster (better in dim lighting). With the Metabones Speedboster lens adapter, i'm using Rokinon Cine DS Lenses. These lenses are small, affordable, and manual focus lenses which are great for video use.

crystal 800 wireless Rokinon Cine DS Lenses

But adding a full frame Canon EF mount lens ends up being too big for the body, and so you'll need to add some height at the base of the camera. For this i've mounted the cage to a quick release baseplate with 15mm rails. This baseplate works with popular Manfrotto 501PL plates. So I can quickly detach the whole cage from the base if needed and go right to a monopod with a smaller setup, or with the 15mm rails I can add things like a Kamerar Follow Focus or MatteBox.

crystal 800 wireless 501PL QR Baseplate with 15mm Clamps

The whole setup would normally be powered by Canon LP-E6 batteries, but they run down pretty quick. So i've added an IndiproTools V-Mount Plate with Canon Dummy Battery. With a CAME-TV Compact V-Mount Battery, I can power the camera and i've added a separate d-tap cable is used to power the BlackMagic Design Video Assist Monitor.

crystal 800 wireless IndiProTools V-Mount Plate with Canon LP-E6 Dummy Battery

Just to make it easier for handheld work, i've run a single 15mm Rail horizontally over the cage. On the right side i've added a 15mm Handle, and on the left side of the rail i've mounted the Video Assist Monitor using 15mm Pico Plates in such a way that makes it easy to tilt forward and back. That's pretty much the basic setup, if you guys have any questions let me know.

crystal 800 wireless 15mm Pico Plate Clamp

Parts found in this build:
Blackmagic Design Micro Cinema Camera (here)
SmallRig BMMCC Cage (here)
BMMCC Cage Top Handle (here)
Video Assist Monitor/Recorder (here)
V-Mount Plate + Canon Dummy (here)
Compact V-Mount Battery (here)
Quick Release Baseplate w 15mm
Kamerar Follow Focus (here)
15mm Pico plate (here)

8 thoughts on “Building My BlackMagic Design Micro Cinema Camera Rig

  1. Mohd akbar shareef

    Sir, I am interested in purchasing total setup of blackmagic micro cinema camera with 4k video assist ( total ). Can u give me the best price. I am a director. Financially week . How can u cooperate ( help ) me in price please let me know and suggest. I am from hyderabad India, If u can send me your contact number I will talk to you. Please

  2. hen

    Cost of the rig is about $400-600* on Amazon (*depending on the battery you want to use for the v-mount)

  3. Rana

    Thank you very much for putting in a whole list. I actually wanted the small rig cage to secure the cam up.

  4. Hi Emm!
    Thanks for your article. Useful intresting and professional bloggpost as
    Usual. One q. Have you tried the Audio on it. Is it good?
    I think i Also like to connect a juicelinked mixer on this setup to record lavalliers. What Audi quality can one expect to you think?

    Best regards

  5. Nice rig. The BMD video assist looks good. Sorta forgot about that one. Any idea what the brightness rating is that on (5 or 7")? Looking for something that actually works outside in direct sunlight. Can't find anything about the brightness even on their own site! Wondering if there are any other options besides SmallHD.

  6. Cuban

    I'm with you, the BMPCC is amazing I was playing around with it today, took it out after a year of neglect and the image despite all the shortcomings is beautiful, the micro really needs to be 4k to cover all the things that don't come with it, and I've struggled to find anyone who has filmed anything pro level with it, I'm speaking of the micro, if you know pass it on.

  7. Chris Knight

    Thanks for the walkthrough/shopping list, very cool. Do you have a similar "Cheesycam standard buildout" for GH4/5/5s shooting?

    I bought a wooden camera cage setup for mine and I need to get some practice with it and see what addl accessories I'd want.

    Wish there was a flip-up loupe (a-la Hoodloupe) for bright outdoor shooting when you would have difficulty seeing the (only) screen.

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