Portable Battery Powers the Cheap 500 LED Light Panel


500 LED Video Light panel running from $99 dollar portable battery

Testing to see how much power these 500 LED lights really consume. LED light is on full, camera is only at ISO 100. If i'm correct, I believe this 500 LED panel only requires 50w of power. That's really not much. Something like this $99 dollar portable battery (normally used to jump start cars) has two 115v outlets in the rear. So one of these batteries can power two lights directly, or with a surge protector, can power all three. It has a built in inverter inside, but there's a small fan that turns on when the inverter is running. Since these lights don't draw much power an extension cord and moving the battery pack further, audio shouldn't be a problem. If i'm at a last resort where I know I wouldn't have power readily available, or when Audio isn't an issue, this could be a decent option for location use. Run time? I'm guessing the run time will out perform those portable camcorder batteries that some of these units have. Not a bad thing to keep in the car since it can provide you with a jump. Can also serve to run a laptop if you're on the move, or charge up some batteries while going from location to location. I'll throw up a video soon enough.

There's a number of different batteries similar to this, some provide more wattage, and even comes in it's own rolling case. Check out some of the options through the link below.
find-price-button Portable Jumper Battery with 115v Inverter

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22 thoughts on “Portable Battery Powers the Cheap 500 LED Light Panel

  1. guyfromeurope

    Hi did you already do a test with the lamps? im really interested in this. thinking about getting one myself.
    the schumacher pp2200 sounds very interesting but i can not find a seller in europe.

  2. Rabby

    Did you take the link (Amazon) out on the DVD on lighting. I saw it couple days ago, some how I can't find it?

  3. $99 is a great price, but be aware of one downside. It is most likely that the inverter built in to this unit is a modified sine wave type. While this type of inverter will allow the LED light to turn on, it will produce 1/3 of a stop less light output than using a true sine wave inverter (which is more expensive) or by plugging the light directly into the wall AC. I learned this the hard way by initially using a cheaper modified sine wave inverter on this light and I instantly noticed a significant loss in light output!

    Please try this test with the $99 unit and see if this happens also. However, if this unit can deliver at least two hours of run time, for $99 the diminished output could be livable for the price. True sine wave inverters alone, start at around $80 and go up from there. But for the BEST performance from the light and also the best and safest power for a laptop, stick with a pure sine wave inverter.

    I ended up settling on this $48 35ah battery (twice as big as the one in the $99 unit): https://www.batterysharks.com/Universal-Power-UB12350-D5722-p/ub12350_b12-35.htm?gclid=CKzzjtj80KMCFQ8E5QodI1PmtQ I get a run time of near 5 hours at full power with the same 500 LED light and using a true sine wave inverter (which allows full light output.) This is the inverter I went with: https://www.amazon.com/Wagan-EL2201-Elite-Watt-Inverter/dp/B003INQ8DE
    PLEASE BE AWARE. THIS INVERTER WILL NOT POWER STROBES like the White Lightning Vagabond units!!!

  4. Emm

    Post author

    Yes, but this particular light has something on it's board. I'd have to rewire inside the unit. If you get the dimmable knob version (also available) then you can modify the XLR type plug for 12v.

  5. Tom Hackett

    If you can run a lite panel of 12V DC I think that would be more efficient and last longer than running the inverter. I'd love to hear about it if your able to test this. Don't some LED panels run off 12V DC?

  6. i was thinking of grabbing these lights i thought maybe your black and decker power packs would power them?

    it said they only need 50 watts arent the black n deckers 100w?

  7. O'Ryan

    Haha, Sweet!
    I used one of these on location to keep a few batteries for my cam charging at all times. I think I used it for two days before having to recharge it. worked great!

  8. Jarrett

    Do a test:
    1) How long til lights out with 1 light on it
    2) With 2 lights
    3) With all 3 on it

    If its any significant amount of time, this will make jumping into a 3 panel led setup a done deal for me.

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