WF718 Fluid Head + Tripod Close Look Review

DSLRMarketPlace provides a video with an up close look on all the things the WF718 Tripod + Fluid head has to offer. I was always under the assumption the WF718 was the same as the 717AH fluid head, but there's some differences including the quick release mounting and positionable sliding plate. Now i'm curious if the internal build is the same as the 717AH. This Video Fluid head with extension arm is a set that includes the much requested video Tripod legs. These tripod legs have some skills that show off a nice range of positions (as seen towards the end of the video). The tripod also comes with a lower central bag hook, not only to store your backpack, but to weigh it down for some extra sturdiness. For those who are starting out in video and are in need of some good sticks, or if you're working on that 4ft. slider project that needs two Tripods for support, this is looking like a good deal. If you've got questions about this particular item, you can contact DSLRMarketPlace at the vimeo page here:

DSLRMarketPlace purchased the exact item here:
find-price-button WF718 Fluid Drag Video Head + Heavy Duty Professional Video Tripod

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  1. Brian Murphy

    I bought one of the heads yesterday from Michale also sells the complete tripod. but I like the Fiesol legs and half bowl.
    It will be used on my Fiesol carbon fiber legs. It is excellent and a killer value for the price. I have been using a Gitzo 2180 fluid head but I just could not get the smooth moves I wanted and get with my full size Sachtler. This kit is my lightweight set up for travel where size and weight restrictions apply. It will also find duty on my Konova slider. Just wish it had the same plate size as my Sachtler.

  2. Nooch

    Hey Emm, is there anywhere else I can buy the tripod besides Amazon? Cause' I've tried and I don't think it ships to Australia D:

  3. I purchased this tripod instantly after this review and have been happy with it ever since I got it. However in the past week the removable bolt that is part of the quick-release plate got lost. The bolt can easily slide out of the plate and then when it's gone there's no way of attaching the plate to the camera.

    Anyone have any recommendations on contacting Fancier or figuring out another solution to getting this tripod back in action? Thanks = )


  4. Michael S.


    I got the same quote and those were not with shipping costs those are just for the individual tripods unfortunately.

  5. Herb

    I just got an email from Fancier with prices - hopefully they quotes are including shipping since that's what I asked for:

    FC-470 $331.85
    FC-590 $511.78
    FC-690 $654.02

  6. Michael S.


    I'd go with the FC-470 instead because the 370 has no adjustments for pan and tilt resistance and the 470 does for both. That is huge for video work instead of having a head that has a fixed resistance the whole time.

  7. Emm

    Post author

    @xlerate - Oh dang, that looks pretty good. If it weren't for shipping, I would be all over it right now.

  8. Contgrats @Johnny also, that is a good move, hope to get there myself.

    @Emm, you should incorporate 'True Life Cheesy success stories' 😉

    ...I got an email from Ningbo/Fancier about their new tripod, the FC-370 (
    It has an adjustable spreader, wide rubber feet, counter balance adjustments and even a light to make adjustments in lower light scenarios.
    The price they stated was $143- But express shipping is nearly $80. I'm waiting to hear back on non express shipping.
    This tripod looks to have it all.

  9. If you read the description on that DYNEX tripod it says its a factory second, often times a company buys factory rejects relabels them as there own. Not to say you wont find a good one in the bunch. But you won't catch me buying one. btw: Dynex discontinued it.

  10. Emm

    Post author

    @Johnny - Wow, congrats! That's great to hear. Yeah, I'm not saying this is all the best stuff, but it will get you out there, get shooting, and get the job done. Once you gain more experience and find your style, you'll begin to prioritize on what equipment to eventually upgrade.

  11. I have to say Emm.....I have been looking at your site everyday, at least twice a day, for about a year now. I graduated around a year ago and thought that I would have to settle for a job that I wasn't interested in, due to the current economic situation. I purchased this tripod, along with a few dozen other recommendations from you, T2i, Zoom H1, etc, etc, etc, and I am flourishing as a freelance videographer/editor in Chicago. I am still starting out as a professional but, I love your zest for reasonable equipment that can afford a beginner to enter the world of professional videography on a modest income. Keep up the great work!!! ~Johnny

  12. Ok, that explains more.
    The center column adds about a foot of rise when extended.
    The WF717B & WF717 & similar tripods do not have the center column at all which limits the height to the maximum extension of the legs.

    I just wish the WF718 in this post had the tri-reinforcement section at the bottom of the legs like the WF717B.

  13. Ah OK, that put's that to rest for me.
    Just to follow up, I am wondering if there is a different standard for 'these' fluid head tripod's in terms of height?

    The three 'Fancier' branded ones I see on Amazon [ WF718, WF717B & WF717 ] all come in at under 5 feet max height.

    I have an old cheap Sunpak/Opteka tripod that extends 6ft.
    Of course build quality on the Sunpak leaves much to be desired, but I'm wondering if it 5 feet is the standard video height, I can stop searching the webs all night & at work? 😉

  14. This looks smooth.
    I was looking at the Pearstone VT2500B recently ( ) which seems to have a similar fluid head. Reviewers have stated some issues with horizontal panning.

    I noticed on this one according to Amazon description that its max height is under 5 feet (56").
    Is that typical of tripods designed for video?
    Or is this not a big deal?

  15. Matt

    most interesting thing for me is that it looks like the quick release plate mounts using an Arca Swiss mount. That alone makes me want to try it.

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