BTS Sample with Cheap 500 LED Video Light Panels

I talked about these lights a long time ago found in the article:

Since that first article, these lights have made their way around the world and in different projects. Yet to this day I get asked several questions about posting up a sample of power output and sample videos of them in use. I had a bit of free time, and a walk-in volunteer today so I thought I'd put this together real quick for you guys. (Thanks sister-in-law). There's no style in the lighting setup, I just threw them up very quickly. This video is mainly just to show you how much power these things are capable of along with the quality of light. The main camera was set to the Daylight White Balance setting with no color correction in post. Hopefully that should give you an idea about how close they are to daylight temperature. The camera was set to ISO 250 with the lights at 1/4 power. DSLR's can provide clean images even up to ISO 1600 and with 3/4 of power to spare they should be able to cover most of your small projects. You can also tell how whisper quiet these units are. Don't be fooled by other versions that include some type of internal fan, that will ruin your audio (if you ever decide to use the audio).

500LED (2 of 4)
Relative size next to Canon 5D Mark II

In the rear I have a 500 LED light camera left on Full Power. In the front, I would normally have a main and fill light setup, but they are both on only 1/4 power. You could probably just setup one light to the side, and use a simple bounce as a fill on the other. I'm also including a few images that were shot by just lighting the product with the 500 LED panel. I have it next to a Canon 5D Mark II to compare the relative size. It's very small, built with a solid housing, and makes it perfect for travel. These lights also stay super cool with ZERO heat so your subject doesn't start to sweat. If you have any other questions about these super cheap LED light panels, just drop a comment.

500LED (1 of 4)

There's many versions of these types of lights online which look similar. Some come with a fan which you don't want when doing Video shoots. Those fan units are very loud and I don't think are needed in LED lighting. Others units being sold may also be a slightly different build quality. I have not had the chance to use some of the other units out there, but I can tell you that I'm happy with the ones that i'm using here. There's 500 LEDs, 1000 LEDs, 500 Dimmable, 1000 Dimmable, 1000 Color Temp Changing Dimmable, sold in kits with several lights, and a few more options. These particular light panels come from the ePhoto seller found here: Portable Cool LED video Light Panel Solutions

500LED (3 of 4)
find-price-button Studio Continuous LED Video Light Panels on eBay

They are also available via Amazon
500LED (4 of 4)
find-price-button 500 and 1000 Continuous LED Video Lighting Panels on Amazon

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55 thoughts on “BTS Sample with Cheap 500 LED Video Light Panels

  1. I have some yongnuo yn 160. Here is the thing: because I live in the Pal part of the world I use 25p reguarly. Now this gives serious horizontal rolling banding on the image of my canon dslr?! Ruining a couple of my best shots in a docu I have made! subsequently not selling it. Do these lights have the same problem, could you check Emm, please!.
    Many thanks, Douwe the way with 24p no problem at all!

  2. Emm

    Post author

    @Stephen Brock - Good Question, it might work. The only problem I see is that if the voltage is too low, you might catch the flickering through the camera.

  3. Emm

    Post author

    @Dave - The new 1200 LED panels are very bright, or you could check out some Fluorescent lights like the LInco.

  4. Dave

    Emm, i am looking for a set of lights for shooting short films. I have one project coming up that will be shooting heavily indoors during the day. These lights look perfect for what I want but are they good enough to help with brightening say a living room, kitchen, bedrooms, etc.. for distant shots. We have a lot of close-ups but we also have some shots where the actor will be moving around in the said rooms. Also, I see I should purchase some gels as well since it doesn't match daylight perfectly. Thanks.

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  7. Emm

    Post author

    @PaulyFunTimes - Yup, i'm still using them to this day. I have one hanging on my roof in one area as a hair light. The dimming features is a 'must have'. You can really dial in the different amounts of light you need. Surprisingly the Arri's I worked with didn't have a dimmer. You have to get an in-line one separately.

  8. Paulyfuntimes

    Hey Emm, Do you still like these? I'm thinking of getting a few. If you still dig them what sort of mix do you suggest? two 500 and one 1000? Also how important is the dimming feature? Is it a must have? thanks

  9. Luce

    Update: One last comment. I added a 1/8 minus green gel to my 500 LED's, and now they look great. I'm now happy with these lights and plan on buying a 1000 LED panel, whenever it becomes available.

  10. Luce

    @Emm - Yes, same 500 LED lights. I clicked on the link above and purchased from Amazon, made by Fancier. It is the one without the dimmer. Everything else about the lights is great, they feel well made, light weight, and travel nicely.

    The walls I was testing in are white as well.

    They have the light character of a standard florescent bulb. The light was so unpleasing, I ditched them before an interview and pulled out a couple of china lamps instead. I must have gotten a bad batch, cuz everyone else seems to be very pleased with theirs.

  11. Emm

    Post author

    @Luce - is it the same 500 LED panels or from a different seller? Also, when mixing with Daylight, were you in a room that had painted walls or color from the interior? Often when you're in a room the colors around you will cast into the subject.

  12. Luce

    I bought two 500 led's a month ago, and I have to say, I am not pleased with the light. When I mix it with daylight, it gives a magenta hue to skintones. When I mix it with tungsten lights, I put a cto gel on the led's, and it gives a green hue to skintones. Very odd. My test did not look as good as this one. I might have bought a couple of lemons.

  13. Emm

    Post author

    @Harlan - No problem. They are definitely easier to pack up and throw in the trunk of a car without worrying about breaking bulbs and cooling them down on after a shoot. Also get them close the subject without making them break a sweat.

  14. Harlan

    Got my lights today and damn they rock! I love the small footprint. I got 3 with stands. I think a 1000 Light would compliment these great but gotta save up. Thanks for turning me on to them again Emm.

  15. Emm

    Post author

    @Anthony - Yes I think it would. These provide very direct light (narrow beams), and I think they provide more than the flo's.

  16. Anthony

    I have a 4 55 watt bulb flo, I shoot with one of those and two 250 watt flos. Would two of the 500 watt led be able to replace the 4 bulb in your opinion?

  17. Emm

    Post author

    @Duff @ Randy - I guess next I have to do a side by side comparison. I might have time this weekend.

  18. Randy

    @Duff -- good question about whether these LEDs are comparable to the wattage of standard hot lights. I posted a similar question in the original post on these lights, and Emm responded that they are brighter than the comparable Calumet flourescent lights he has. I would suspect you could get the specs for this light on line and compare it to the spec for a halogen.

  19. Emm

    Post author

    @Garrick - these lights are still effective outdoors. Someone in the older post here: httpss://

  20. I'm glad you did another post on these lights. When I saw your post several months ago, I went right out and got some. One of the best pieces of equipment I purchased this year. We use then for everything... indoor, outdoor, green screen. We even shot a feature film with them in September ( We used 6 with some blue gels to light up a pretty big backyard for a night scene. The footage looks great! At one point, an actor bumped into one of the stands and the light took a digger from about 8 feet high into the asphalt. One of the barndoors bent a little, but the light still works. I cant imagine any other light being that tough. Great stuff! Thanks.

  21. I've always been curious if these actually output the same power as a tungsten light. Is 500 watts of LED light really comparable to a 500 watt hot light?

  22. Mr.Brown

    Hi Emm. One question! Are your 500's "Daylight Balanced"? When i check out the ad on amazon thats what they say. I was under the impression Daylight balanced meant The yellowish color. Are there multiple versions?

  23. de castro

    The lights are pretty close to your subject, looks like 4 feet away.
    What's the drop off like at 6+ feet? Something for a full body or group shot?
    Could you use them as replacements for kinos to light a green key?

  24. Emm

    Post author

    Yes, working with these cooler lights allows you many options for color gels, filters, and diffusers. Working with hot lights, you have to use things that are rated for high temperatures. I guess it's more expensive upfront, but cheaper in the long run.

  25. Trey

    @Jeremy - the cheapest way to do this is go to store like hobbly lobby they sell that material very cheap. I paid $5 for 2 yards. Then all you need to do is cut it and either Velcro it or tape it to the barn doors.

  26. Randy

    Thanks for taking time to post this test. Seeing the lights in action is better than all the marketing spin and specifications. How do they look? is the important question. They are quite impressive when using them with a dslr. Not sure the 500s would be bright enough with smaller chip video cameras without increasing the gain.

  27. Emm

    Post author

    @Jeremy - yeah if heat is an issue LED's are the way to go. I used these direct, but you can use paper filters to help diffuse. They sell different opacity sheets in paper stores, but don't try this on any other kind of light, as it will burn.

  28. i'm looking at these now. I got the other lights you reviewed but between being about 5 bazzilion degress and then not working, i need to find a new solution. i'm big on the diffused light, so i'm wondering about diffusers for these, softboxes, ect?

  29. Trey

    Thanks for the post. I have the cl-600 and 2 stellar diva ring lights. I was thinking about getting another cl-600, but might get the 500 instead now.

    Why don't they have a v-mount battery option? I saw a couple of eBay sellers that seem to offer that but I'm not to sure about the company?

    Can you request this from ephoto. This would make these the ultimate cheap portable led light.

    I really would like to use them for this type of set up.

    Kino lights were used in the video link. Looks like they are powerful enough. What do you think?

  30. Michael S.


    You can get gels for these from top sellers like Rosco and Lee Filters. Any lighting or video/film warehouse usually will stock usually one or the other.

  31. Jon

    Thanks for reviewing these lights a little further. I was pretty much sold anyway but now I have no doubts. I am going to be order a set these in the near future. They definitely will help out with all the traveling I have early next year. 2 or 3 of these will travel real nice and save me a huge headache! thanks again!

  32. Noah

    Are they pretty well color balanced? Since your example is controlled in a studio environment with no outside daylight, I wondered if the lights were very close to 5600K?

  33. Ian

    Hi, does the Ebay seller sell and ship internationally to other countries other than US and Canada? Thanks!

  34. Rob

    Thanks so much for posting this. Since reading and watching your earlier postings on these I've been very curious to see how the look in an application, particularly like the one you just set up. While not "soft," they don't look as harsh as I thought they might. They're certainly usable in a lot of applications without diffusion.

    It would be nice to see some diffusers made for these or the 1000 bulb units. I haven't seen any.

  35. Jay

    I picked up a couple of these lights and will try them out tomorrow as a key and fill. Will use probably a pro-light for backlight until I can afford a third. For you guys that have them, are 3 of the 500w lights sufficient for most 3-point lighting setups? Certainly seems to do a nice job in this video. I'm just wondering if I should move up to one of the 1000w lights for my third.

    Also, I've never used a light with fuses before. What would cause one to blow and how likely is this? Thanks all,


  36. kenswift

    Ok Emm,
    I purchased 3 X500 Watters and the stands via your link to Amazon. Hope you get some credit for that. If my wife wants to divorce me I need you to have my back. Seriously though, wheres a good place to buy gels for these things? I have never worked with gels and am just starting to get into the whole video thing. Your website has helped me a lot.

  37. terry

    Wow, I have to pick a few up. You could really tell how intense the light was when you turned the LED closest to her on FULL BLAST. (LOL, your wife will hear about that!) Thanks as always Emm and thank you Sister In Law!!!

  38. Jadher

    Emm, just dropping a line to say thanks (to you n ur sister in law lol). I guess all ur subscribers really appreciate this kind of review. I'll definitely try this with my smaller 96 led light with stands (and ball heads to sort of direct the light up and down) to see how much power I can get.

    Nice job, keep up 😉

  39. Emm

    Post author

    I think the 500 LED's use about 50 watts. I don't know if I showed it in other videos, but all these units have built in fuses too. The units come with spare fuses just in case.

  40. Emm

    Post author

    @kenswift - Yeah you guys need to thank her...LOL. She's my guinea pig lab rat for tests...hahah.

  41. kenswift

    What kind of wattage do these lights take? I have 1000 Watt softboxes now and damn, I blow fuses all the time. Also, can you use colored gels with these too?

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