Polaroid New Variable ND Filters

Justin shares a new product find recently added to Amazon. [Thanks Justin]. Variable Neutral Density filters will help you dial in the right exposure with both photography and videography. Unlike normal ND filters that are designed around a single Density, the variables can be adjusted up to 9 different stops. If you're not sure what to look for when shopping for a Variable ND, you can find some information in this article http://cheesycam.com/variable-nd-filters-fader-filters/.

There's been only a handful of Variable ND Filters out on the market, but now Polaroid has stamped it's name on another one. Is this a re-branded product, or is this designed in house for Polaroid? I'm not sure at this point, but the price is right and available via Amazon. Now I thought I found cheap before, but these new Polaroids are coming around 30-40% cheaper than the cheapest. Unfortunately not all filter sizes are available, but i'm sure they'll start popping up soon. It would be interesting to see the performance and quality of these Variable (Fader) ND filters.

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  1. SkunkWorks


    ... there's a review on youtube with examples... pretty bad. There's a link in one of the recent threads here somewhere, forgot which one.

  2. Roger Ebonti

    Any more reviews? $40 is cheap if it is like the $200 variable NDs. But $40 is expensive if it is garbage. How about a youtube video sample? Also no 77mm available yet. Anyone tried doing the 82mm with step down?

  3. Just got my 72mm this afternoon and threw it on my 17-50. I don't have time to post a video comparison today but might be able to on Monday. At first glance, it works as described, filter ring turns smoothly, seems well constructed. I did have to alter my white balance a bit using the K-temp on my 60D after screwing it on but it wasn't too far off. Nothing a quick cc in post wouldn't fix.

    Anyhow, it arrived quickly and is quite affordable, I saved over $100 in comparison to the LCW Fader ND 72mm. I would recommend.

  4. anon

    just tried it out real quick.

    no visible color shifts ei: red/purple tint

    Im not sure maybe some can answer this(never owned a variable nd filter before).....but is the ring designed to keep spinning 360?........or is it supposed to click somewhere so you know at what point of "density" its at.

  5. Kris

    Just got an email that my 72mm has shipped, going to test it out when it gets here, hopefully this wont be a piece of crap! 🙂

  6. Rusty

    I ordered two of these filters last Saturday, one for my 16-35 and one for my 50mm. Got an email today from Amazon
    saying my order had been canceled and would not be shipped.
    No other reason given. I guess if it looks too good to be true it probably is.

  7. well, a few 72mms popped up today and I grabbed one. I haven't had much experience using ND on DSLR's yet and have never used a variable ND filter but I'll do my best to post a review once it arrives. for only $40 it's over $100 cheaper than the 72mm LCW Fader ND II going on ebay right now so for me it's worth checking out.

    Not sure where to post this question but am curious if anyone here has had any experience using Jag 35's Monitor X viewfinder yet? I'm considering getting one for my 60D so I can continue to use the articulating LCD but am wary that it only magnifies by 40% rather than the 3X magnification offered by the Z-finder. The few reviews I found online for it were less than helpful.

  8. Randy

    My LCW Fader ND Mark II is great. There have been a lot of tests done with those. There is no color change when increasing the density like when you use two polarizing filters. I white balance with the filter on the camera at the correct exposure. It works great. The LCW Fader ND is worth the money.

  9. Dan

    Keep in mind these are NO RETURN items once the package is opened. I almost picked one up and saw that. Now I think i'll wait for someone who jumped the gun or has $40 to waste to see if these are any good. PLEASE someone review this item

  10. This ain't yer momma's Polaroid.

    Polaroid went bankrupt in 2001 and was sold to a subsidiary of Bank One. Since then Bank One has made money by selling the use of the brand name for all sorts of manufacturers to slap on their products. I wouldn't "trust" their reputation.

  11. SkunkWorks

    I had contacted them to clarify the discrepancy I was seeing in their shipping policy to Canada and the either very cheap or totally outrageous rate I was coming up with... and asked they please get back to me asap as there were only 5 left in the size I need. I never did get a reply and I see now they are all gone... so I guess the point is moot anyway.

    @Ben Edwards...

    Like Emm said, I highly suspect Polaroid doesn't actually manufacture this product considering the price point. Such is the case with most things these days. Some of the Chinese sourced tools I bought this winter for fabricating my own camera rig accessories I found under many different brands at different prices too, I mean the exact same one with maybe something small changed on it by the re-brander like the color of the knobs etc. I found my 8" drill press under at least 10 or 15 different brand names in Canada and the U.S. 😉

  12. Emm

    Post author

    @Ben Edwards - My guess is that it's rebranded. Can't say for sure, but that's what i'm thinking.

  13. Ben Edwards

    Has Polaroid got a good reputation when it comes to optics, personally I have not come across them in this field.

  14. lolicht

    I hope you'll review them, I bought some expensive Vari-ND and never use them, as they had an uggly muddy tone to the picture !
    b-t-w Cheesycam is the place to do a DIY ND tutorial, using 2 circular polarize filters ... cheaper and you can use better quality filters ... ND is a good way to avoid exposition shifts while filming video with a DSLR, no one as done a lens with "continous" exposure correction, except the russians ! the Helios have a continous diaphragm, an unattended consequence of creating a low cost lens in the 60's ...

  15. These look awesome. Too bad there isn't a 72mm for my Tamron avail yet. The 17-50 VC is pretty much my go-to lens. Would love to have one of these for it.

    Emm...heard anything positive or negative on the Jag 35 Monitor X yet? I'm thinking of getting one for my 60D.

  16. SkunkWorks

    Hmmm. Shopping cart is showing shipping cost to Canada is more than the price of the filter and it looks like it's only UPS. Both points are a deal breaker for me. Too bad.

  17. anon

    Just bought some.....couldn't find a review anywhere. I hope they dont have a red tint like the cheap ebay ND filters I bought.

  18. Mickey Jones

    Super inexpensive. Emm, you should do a shootout between Polaroid, LightCraftworkshop and Singh Ray. That would be very interesting.

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