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Justin shares a new product find recently added to Amazon. [Thanks Justin]. Variable Neutral Density filters will help you dial in the right exposure with both photography and videography. Unlike normal ND filters that are designed around a single Density, the variables can be adjusted up to 9 different stops. If you're not sure what to look for when shopping for a Variable ND, you can find some information in this article http://cheesycam.com/variable-nd-filters-fader-filters/.

There's been only a handful of Variable ND Filters out on the market, but now Polaroid has stamped it's name on another one. Is this a re-branded product, or is this designed in house for Polaroid? I'm not sure at this point, but the price is right and available via Amazon. Now I thought I found cheap before, but these new Polaroids are coming around 30-40% cheaper than the cheapest. Unfortunately not all filter sizes are available, but i'm sure they'll start popping up soon. It would be interesting to see the performance and quality of these Variable (Fader) ND filters.

find-price-button Polaroid Variable Neutral Density Filters