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Canon announces a pretty cool new HD Professional Camcorder called the XA10. Don't let the size fool ya, it's packed with some high end goodies. Some cool features include full manual controls over shutter / iso /aperture, a dual SD Card slot with 'relay recording' or simultaneous dual video recording (automatic backup), Native 24p, Phantom Power XLR inputs on a removeable handle, and even includes Infrared Night Vision. Curious to see what types of DOF adapters will be designed for this new cam. Pricing seems to be in line with other professional camcorders, but without interchangeable lenses, would it catch up to the small following on Sony's NEX-VG10 Interchangeable Lens Camcorder (or soon to be released INC). You can find more information here: B&H Photo Video Article on Canon XA10 Professional HD Camcorder

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  1. Geez guys, i have 3 of these little wonders, OMG they are better than my sony nx5 and only half the price. As for definition of color, I cannot complain, the weddings I film are vibrant, clear, and the face tracking facility works wonders for those that cringe when it comes to manual focus or in the case of a wedding dont have time to tinker around to get the shot. they are also small, which means you can film in places u have never filmed before. Make no mistake this camera is a wedding videograpers godsend, i think i might get another....... place it on a nice light weight manfrotto monopot or pico dolly for some cool shots and u have a light weight,portable wet dream!

    I agree if u are serious about video - dont use a camera that carries limitations on audio and film.

    XA10 FTW


  2. Brian

    I bought this camera to shoot the video I had problems shooting with my 7D. I like the small sensor and the fact that it has auto focus and manual focus. I too can adjust the aperture on manual.

    I know it's not a RED or an EX3 that my friends in the film business use, but it does just fine for my small business video work.

    I know the video from the 5D and the 7D is good, but I am more comfortable with the XA10.

    I think that most "serious" video is still shot with video cameras and not DSLRs.

  3. Jose

    The quality of the XA10 is Super! I use it as a main camera and main audio to record a whole wedding ceremony ( without worrying about the 12 minutes limit on my canon 5D mark II) and speeches on reception. It's the perfect partner for my DSLR!

  4. I love this camera. It has become my number one camera for work and play. Would recommend it to any one that does not have a large budget.

  5. David

    The XA10 is a good compromise. It's setting a new bar for Prosumer. Great sensitivity, audio and features. It doesn't have the manual controls of camcorders that cost twice as much but it does have the features. Takes more time to setup but if speed is an issue then just use some of the automatic features. Otherwise, take the time to do it right and you're fine. Can't beat the features for the price.

  6. Zivelli

    @Garrett & @Randy so what camera at this price point records 1080P, 4:2:2 sampling, XLR inputs and has interchangeable lenses?

    As @Guy mentioned the Sony VG10 seems a work in progress and Panasonic has nothing in this price range. Which leaves the JVC GY HM100 which has poor low light performance....

  7. I was using a 5D Mark II as my primary HD video camera before getting the XA10. I was immediately shocked at how awesome the XA10 is. I'm 100% happy with my purchase.

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  9. Guy

    >>>…I’m just disappointed that we don’t have a solid-state successor to the XH-A1 yet!

    The XF300 is the solid-state successor to the XH-A1. Just be prepared for the $6,500 sticker-shock that comes with it.

    The Sony VG10 is it's own worst enemy: tons of moire, no 24P mode, no professional audio inputs, etc...

    The Sony AF-100 competition will arrive this summer but priced in the $6K - 8K price range. ( I'm not holding my breath for this one )

    Canon? ...Canon as usual is about 2-3 years behind the rest of the world, despite accidentally starting the whole video DSLR craze, they seem to be once again dragging their feet at updating their technology.

  10. Randy

    1/3" CMOS sensor for pro cameras is beginning to become obsolete. But I'm sure Canon wanted to compete with the NEX-VG10. Poor move though. Here's what they should have done: aps-c sensor and interchangeable Canon glass. Then they would have whooped Sony's butt.

    I agree, Garrett, buy the HF10 and an xlr adaptor. Then you'll have enough extra cash to get a Canon t2i too.

  11. J Toha

    Good point on the pricing issue.
    To be fair though, Canon did release XF300 & 305 series camcorder and it's debatable if they're the actual solid state successors to XH-A1 or XH-G1. Definitely not from the price point perspective lol. The former are insanely priced >.<

    But I'm curious as to how this performs compared to the announced XF100 series as they r both single chip, but it uses CF card and records in 4:2:2 sampling. Gosh they even look alike.

  12. Im with you Garrett. I like the fact that its got manual controls for everything but what kind of quality is that glass? I also have a bit of trouble believing this is a "pro" camera considering its still 4:2:0 color on a 1/3rd chip. Does adding an xlr handle make it pro? While the selectable exposure on the touch screen seems like a cool idea, I don't know how much i would trust it to rack focus and things.

  13. Pretty underwhelming camera.... an HF10 for twice the cost. It only has one sensor, etc... If it were $1200 it'd be a hot item, but at $2000 it doesn't deliver much more than the consumer line. Just throw a Beachtek box and a shotgun mic mount onto an HF10 and you'll have the same thing.

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