Pacsafe Anti-Theft BackPack and Bag Protector

I'll be the first one to admit that I'm not fond of Hotel Room Service when i'm away and the room is full of loose camera equipment. You can easily place a lock on a roller bag, but what do you do if you're just traveling with a backpack?

In any situation you may have to leave your camera bag or backpack behind, Chris writes in and shares with us this Anti-Theft product from PacSafe. The netting slips over your bag or backpack and is weaved tight enough so that a small lens can't easily be slipped through. Once placed over your bag, a cable can be locked down to a stationary fixture (much like a bike lock). It's not a perfect solution, but it provides a little 'peace of mind'. You can find these products via Amazon (click here)

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8 thoughts on “Pacsafe Anti-Theft BackPack and Bag Protector

  1. Martin

    It reminds me of a submersible live bait cage we use for fishing's just missing the float ring at the top.

    I wonder how well it would stand up against a good pair of scissors ...or medium to large knife. I agree with comment #3 from Anthony,"...just keep the thing on your back".

  2. Emm

    Post author

    @Bruce Philpott - Good point. When I would hike around Hawaii, the parked cars would get broken into. Normally it's just things they can quickly grab and run off. If you have something locked down, it will certainly give you a fighting chance as they may not have the correct cable cutter at hand and won't want to risk spending too much time around the area.

  3. I have one of those Pacsafe cable bags, and love it. When I travel, I put a 4' length of aircraft cable and a lock in my checked luggage. When I rent a car at my destination, I loop that cable around anything fixed to the inside of the trunk (a welded "thwart" or the gas filler neck) and lock my camera bag in the Packsafe (locking it to the cable). Yes, a determined enough burglar can cut the cable, but they'll have to make a bit of a scene doing it. Thieves will go for the easy grabs before they'll tackle my gear.

  4. Yea, I'm not seeing the market for this either. If it's a pro, they'll carry snippers. If it's an amateur, sure, they'll bypass this "run & grab" but if it's for a backpack, just keep the thing on your back, maybe?

    I can't see when you'd have to leave your pack behind long enough to need this for security, but in a situation when it couldn't easily just be snipped.

  5. mojo43

    I agree. I have backpacked extensively and have always been looking for a solution. I thought about buying one of these, but to me it just screams I have something important in here.

    Unfortunately, I find that keeping the stuff that you don't want to lose on you is the only good solution.

    I wish there was something better!

  6. Scott

    First of all, something tells me this wouldn't stop anybody for any length of time if left unattended. However if I was standing next to it and shooting it is a good deterrant for a run-and-grab.

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