Wondlan Geared Motorized Video Slider

Wondlan has introduced a new motorized video camera slider, but instead of the typical pulley belt system, they are using a direct gear drive method. The geared motor is built inside of the trolley and meshes directly to a rail that runs along side of the slider.

Wondlan Motorized SliderMotorized Wondlan Geared Slider
Wondlan Geared Slider Motorized

Doesn't quite mention if it can be used as a basic manual slider in case noise may be an issue. Minimun speed: about 0.555 cm/s and Maximum Speed: about 15 cm/s. It's probably directed more for simple video movements as this product does not include an advanced motion controller that can trigger your camera's shutter or to offer shoot-move-shoot (Interleave) for Time-lapse photography. Check out the product via eBay (click here)

Motorized Wondlan sliderDSLR Video Slider Motorized
find-price-button Wondlan Geared Motorized DSLR Video Slider

If you're looking for a more advanced Time-lapse slider, not just simple motion control, there is the Konova Smart Controller (here) and also the Dynamic Perception Stage One (here).

9 thoughts on “Wondlan Geared Motorized Video Slider

  1. According to Wondlan, the lowest speed for the slider is about 10 minutes. In other words, it takes 10min for the head to make the slide from one end to the other.

  2. I'm Ethan, the interviewer in the above mentioned video. https://youtu.be/kripaaMcEnU?t=3m23s

    I was a bit frustrated with the shake of this slider in my video too, but after talking with Wondlan I was able to smooth out the track. All I had to do was loosen a few screws, then readjust the metal rack. This did the trick!

  3. Yes please ! I only wish I didn't already have a 4ft long unmotorized Konova slider.

    I wish they offered a 2ft version though, it'd be great for traveling.

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