DIY Telescoping Monopod Jib Crane – RotoRig

If you're looking for a DIY Project to tackle, check out the RotoRig by YouTube member KrotoFlik. This DIY telescoping jib is based on a couple of very inexpensive Targus MP6710 Monopods held in place with ground clamps found at your local hardware store. Details are in the video and a parts list available in the video description (here).

Targus MP6710 Monopod
find-price-button Targus MP6710 Monopods

It's a pretty cool design to use two monopods, but be weary about how much weight you should attempt to operate with these monopods. They aren't exactly designed to be operated sideways. If you're looking for a lightweight portable telescoping mini jib /crane, don't forget the new versions that have been released recently (found here)

Mini Crane M1 Carbon Fiber Jib
find-price-button Carbon Fiber Telescoping MIni Crane/Jib

6 thoughts on “DIY Telescoping Monopod Jib Crane – RotoRig

  1. thambi

    Hi Paul W

    is it possible to make one for me? i would greatly appreciate it. please let me know. thank you!

  2. Paul W

    A few months back I ventured to build one of these myself with great success. Instead of these cheap Targus monopods however, I used the heavy duty ones that you can buy direct from Opteka. The diameter is much larger and i'm sure could carry much heavier cameras (I'm using with my GH2). Everything else I believe I kept exactly the same, just used two Opteka monopods that I think I got b stock for $25 a pop. The whole thing ended up being around $100. Those larger diameter pipe clamps will get ya!

  3. Cool DIY! I am all for DIY but can't see myself building a portable jib. It will take me ages to make, like I did initially with my slider but time I don't have.

    Got myself a 4ft Glideshot and found it was not mobile enough. Then found what I was looking for in the CF Aviator Travel Jib.

    Not inexpensive but I had a target and budgeted for it and really happy with the investment. Here's a short test if you care to watch: or

  4. Altamiradora

    Funny how minds think alike ! I did the same thing using ground clamps and Manfrotto monopods.

    This gives me a nice 7ft jib and I still can use the monopods if I need to.

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