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If you're looking for a DIY Project to tackle, check out the RotoRig by YouTube member KrotoFlik. This DIY telescoping jib is based on a couple of very inexpensive Targus MP6710 Monopods held in place with ground clamps found at your local hardware store. Details are in the video and a parts list available in the video description (here).

Targus MP6710 Monopod
find-price-button Targus MP6710 Monopods

It's a pretty cool design to use two monopods, but be weary about how much weight you should attempt to operate with these monopods. They aren't exactly designed to be operated sideways. If you're looking for a lightweight portable telescoping mini jib /crane, don't forget the new versions that have been released recently (found here)

Mini Crane M1 Carbon Fiber Jib
find-price-button Carbon Fiber Telescoping MIni Crane/Jib