New MacBook Pro with ThunderBolt

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The new MacBook Air was a great announcement for the traveling telecommuter, but nothing to glance about for Video editors. Now the announcement of this new MacBook Pro with super fast ThunderBolt port might be an eye opener. A new port that's 12 times faster than Firewire 800 and 20 times faster than USB 2.0? A battery said to run 7 hours on a Quad Core system? Lots of crazy new specs if you're a Mac-a-holic. You can read more about the new MacBook pro over at the Insights blog:

11 thoughts on “New MacBook Pro with ThunderBolt

  1. I picked up a 2.3 flavor of this machine, It's 45 to 55 percent as a fast as the dual core i7 at 2.66 that I bought this summer. Very noticeable difference. Hang a G-Raid off of this and you have a great workstation.

  2. Hugh

    Any Mac/ Intel experts out there that might be able to answer a few questions? Does FCP 7 take full advantage of the quad-core i7? Also how much 'faster' would basic editing and rendering be on the new i7 running @ 2.0 compared to the previous gen dual-core i7 running at 2.66? Any insight would be greatly appreciated!

  3. J Toha

    Lol I know what you mean. The ergonomics of iPad for heavy text input is still debatable. I type this on iPhone and it requires bit of patience to finish each sentence.

    Still can't beat iPad's portability though.

  4. This is a lame upgrade for me. I want a fast 13" MBP but they lowered the graphics card power in the 13" size (now it's all integrated instead of the weak but separate card in recent models). It's like they think that people that need speed also want to carry around an enormous 17" all the time.

    About the new interface, cool! I'm fine with Thunderbolt but.... GIVE US USB 3.0, APPLE!!!

  5. Jason

    THis is Intel's "Light Peak" technology. Apple rebraned it because the first iteration doesn't use any fiber optics, still copper. But the original goal was and still is to have fiber optic cables with traditional connectors...The cable being the consistent part and the connector/adapter is what changes...Can't wait for this to break main stream in a few year.... The roadmap has this scaling to 100gpbs. Right now its 10gpbs bi-directional.

    Think of all the possibilities..not just mobile but desktop too.

  6. Emm

    Post author

    @J Toha - Yeah i'm a PC guy, but I carry a new MacBook Air with me wherever I go for blogging. The iPad browser sucks, and typing sucks.

  7. J Toha

    Yeah I'm sold on the Thunderbolt port and the fact that you can just get Adapters to daisy chain it into multiple peripherals. Very tempting.

    I'm using an esata external drive now with my 2008 non-unibody MBP. Couldn't let go of the expresscard34 port, until now maybe.

    Emm, are you editing/running on PCs? What's the hold back?

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