DIY Canon T3i / 600D LCD View Finder Mount

With the Canon EOS T3i / 600D out in the marketplace, this marks Canon's second Vari-Angle LCD DSLR. Thinking of a different way to mount a View Finder to cameras similar to the Canon 60D's swivel out monitor, I tinkered around with the idea of using the some cheap hot shoe adapters.

In this configuration you'd be able to lock in a view finder while still maintaining a hot shoe to mount other accessories. By slotting the flat bar, you'd still have a quick release way of detaching the view finder without dismounting your hot shoe accessory 'i.e. Microphone'. By using Velcro to attach a View Finder, this type of adapter would pretty much be 'Universal'. Somebody needs to refine this idea....

find-price-button Shoe Adapter 1/4 x 20 Threaded

find-price-button Cold Shoe Adapter Threaded

13 thoughts on “DIY Canon T3i / 600D LCD View Finder Mount

  1. Dom

    Nice work. Have you figured out a way to mount the viewfinder on the LCD in its extended position to the side of the camera without putting too much pressure on the hinge? This configuration would be very useful as it would allow the viewfinder to be angled for comfort when tripod mounted.

  2. Tariq

    Hi I love this,

    Can you please supply us with the dimensions of the flat bar? I am thinking about doing the same thing but sliding it between the battery grip and the camera! Love it Love it Love it!

  3. Mike

    Excellent! I've been shopping and pretty much decided on the T3i, but was struggling with the viewfinder limitations. This is perfect. Thanks for doing this site; it's been instrumental in the planning of my rig.

  4. Emm

    Post author

    @Dan - Once the sticky frame is on the LCD, you won't be able to flip it back into the camera body. So long as you don't care, you can stick the frame on.

  5. Dan

    Great video Emm.

    I'm going to buy myself a 600D, but there's something I DON'T understand. (I've never used attachments to my cameras before, and never did video either):

    - If the Viewfinder goes attached to the screen, with a "metal frame" that gets "sticked" on, and gets connected via magnetics and has nothing to do with the Hotshoe itself, where you can still attach a Microphone...
    Then... whats the point of all this?
    I mean... you could still attach the Mic (hotshoe) and the viewfinder (Sticker/magnetic)

    Or am I totally confused?


  6. Emm

    Post author

    @Jason - I've never owned Zactuo. I do have the Letus Hawk VF used with the Canon 60D and Varavon used with a canon 5D Mark II. I was just tinkering around with the idea for a T3i.

  7. Jason

    btw..I always see you using clones and less expensive VFs in most of your recent vids...

    What happned to your Zacuto and Letus hawk? Use them only on the 7D / t2i cams without flip out LCD screen?

  8. Emm

    Post author

    @Jason - Of course, but I think the body was greatly redesigned. It might be a close fit though.

  9. Emm

    Post author

    @Alex - That metal piece would have to be very thin (almost flimsy). I slotted my bracket so that the whole bracket is removed from the top shoe.

  10. Jason

    Emm I'm thinking you're old LCD vf glass protect+vf clone combo for the t2i would work for the t3i..As soon as you get one or have hands one with one, try to see if the protector from the 550D fits the 600D.

    Let me know..If it does than that's probably the best and easiast method..Slide off the protector when you want to flip out the screen..slide it back on when you want to use the VF...

    what do you think?

  11. How about using the same metal bracket but fixed between the body and the battery grip? It would be shorter, maybe you can use a thinner one (so the grip closes far enough), and it won't cover the eye-viewfinder when you remove the video view finder.

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