Cleaning Up the DIY 14V Battery Pack

So it was very last minute for me to get a 14v battery pack thrown together for my 352 Ring Light Steadicam project here: Now that I have a bit of time, i'm going to get off these non-pro looking RC batteries and rig up my 2 year old LP-E6 generic non-decoded batteries.

Gutting out some dirt cheap battery chargers and using them as dummy plates, i'll be able to wire two of them together and get a 14.4V power source that looks pretty snazzy. Other people have done this with just one battery to power up LCD monitors that only require 7volts. As you can see my 183 LED light normally powered from a 12V source was easily lit up with just 7V. Now setting them up together for 14.4V should suffice for many of my small items.

Since the guts are ripped out, you can use OEM Canon batteries, no need for Generic stuff, but the Generics run super super cheap too. I think i'll purchase more generic battery chargers + non-decoded batteries and have like 20 of them on hand to power up all kinds of stuff including my Ring Light and Z96 LED's.

Battery Chargers found here:
find-price-button Uber Cheap LP-E6 Generic Battery Chargers

This link has a decent deal for both a battery + charger: Both LP-E6 Generic Batteries + Charger

12 thoughts on “Cleaning Up the DIY 14V Battery Pack

  1. Emm

    Post author

    @Julien - I haven't tried the 312, but the color changing dial would be real handy. FOr the 352, I can tell you it's pretty bight.

  2. Julien

    hi Emm, is it better to buy 352 ring light led (with some batteries, i'm going to buy) or the 312 led light panel? what do you prefer? it's for using outdoor, probably music videos. i want the one which provide the most smooth lighting but enough powerful...

    I know the question is not easy, i hope you can give m your personal opinion.

  3. Would an Lp-E8 battery power the z96 without flicker? Maybe 2?

    I have the battery and can modify a charger. To connect the charger to the AC input on the z96 what cord do I need?

  4. Simon

    I made 12 cables for V96LED lights to power from D-Tap connectors (Anton Bauer Brick Batteries)

    It ended up being far cheaper and easier just to buy "wall-warts" in bulk and throwing out the transformer portion - this meant no soldering at the light end and they were right angle plugs as a bonus.

    The charger as battery plate works but adds a bit of un-needed bulk. I would think buying just the plate portion like these would be a bit slicker:

    or modify a dual charger:

    Thanks to Emm for the tip on the V96 lights and everything else here.


  5. Emm

    Post author

    @Jess - No this setup is for my other items, and I wouldn't want to run this to my camera. I'm sure with some additional tinkering anything is possible.

  6. Emm

    Post author

    @Koitz - Many batteries are possible. I'm thinking of just going all OEM to power these units. These just fit directly into my workflow and since I can use OEM Canon batteries I don't need to worry about carrying different chargers and different batteries for anything.

  7. Koitz

    Why don't use a "12V 6800mAh Li-ion battery" as comes with Lilliput 7" LCD??? I'm using one of them right know and it powered a 160 LED Light easily (through a 9v regulator chip). They'are cheap, lightweight, easy to connect and it's providing about 1200mA to LED Light (I've running continuosly for about 3 hours and half).

    I had some doubts about these batteries, but I'm very satisfied. Even it looks like a mini V-mount battery 😛


  8. Jess

    Are you using any resistors or voltage regulators in between your batteries and devices? Do you know if Canon puts fail-safes in the camera bodies, in case a battery surges?

    I'm getting a $5 LP-E8 to hack into a DC adapter so I can run something like you've got here directly into my T2i. I'm a little nervous about voltage regulation though.

    Check out these links for Sparkfun (DIY electronics.) adjustable voltage regulator:

    Power tutorial:

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