New Gear – P&C 15mm DSLR Rig Swiss Rods

The great thing about building your own rig is being able to design it specifically for your own needs. Of course most of how we assemble things together are based on what products are available to us. When we're introduced to new products, it opens up so much more possibilities. Industry standard 15mm rails are great for building form and support for your cameras, but here's a new concept that also add more function.


The P&C Swiss Rod has a few inches of 15mm rod on each end, and in the middle are alternating threaded and non-threaded holes. The pass through is designed so that items like a hot shoe can be positioned correctly before tightening. The male/female ends of the Swiss Rod are industry standard and can be used to extend (attach) to other manufacturer rods like Gini, Letus, and I believe even Zacuto, and more. The wide squarish design of the rod also helps nano clamps from slipping.


Even if you're not trying to replace rails on your build, by just adding a single P&C Swiss Rod, you open up totally new mounting options. The 1/4" studs can always be stepped up to 3/8" if needed. Taking advantage of the basic threaded ports, we've also found creative ways to mount the Swiss Rods on light stands or on the hot shoe of the camera to hold many accessories. With several items attached to one rod, the entire rod becomes a quick release system mounted to a simple 15mm clamp. The rods will be available from

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  2. Emm

    Post author

    @cliff - There are a variety of iPhone tripod clamps you can use, and as long as it has a 1/4x20 thread, it will work on the grip.

  3. cliff


    I have 2 of them of the best P-grips ive ever purchased! i own a P-grip graveyard lol.

    i also have some of the articulating arms can i use this combo to make a iphone stabilizer grip? a secure one?

  4. Emm

    Post author

    @cliff - Have you seen our PNC Pistol Grip? httpss://

  5. Thank you, Emm, Habez, and Tom for the clamp info. (FYI, I'm thinking of using the one Habez links to, to mount rigwheels to my CPM cage. The CPM clamps are $20 each, which seems kinda high.)

    I'll also be buying a Swiss rod, Emm. πŸ˜‰

  6. cliff

    Looks like a great guys make good stuf and cheap at that.

    .........any chance at the PALO ALTO reappearing soon? lord i need one of those.

    even more so a steady handle for the iphone.the zacuto one is wwwwaayyy too high.

  7. jon

    Finally I get why this site is called CheesyCam! My rig will smell like Roquefort with these on πŸ˜‰

    Great idea, Emm! Truly inventive and I will pick up one of these once the off shore option is good to go!

  8. Matthew

    I would like to see this bundled with everything you need to use it for a top handle. Maybe that is just my personal need for a top handle speaking.

  9. On paper this looks like a terrific product, and obviously it was born out of the mind of a user. If it comes in at the right price, of course I'm going to try it and if it works well, I'll probably be picking more than one.

    Mounting accessories on the rods it's never an easy proposition, as some of the clamps drift or don't have enough grip or if you use those blocks that attach to both rods, you're adding cost and weight. Is this one solid piece of metal or a standard m to f rod with that "swiss cheese" metal jacket around it?

  10. Tom

    I'm definitely buying this when it comes out. Anyone know where to find these c-brackets that Emm shows off in the video, at more reasonable prices? The only ones I've seen on Ebay is at about $100. I was hoping to find one for less than 50, doesn't seem all that complicated...

  11. Tom

    @mmgodfrey, just search for "rod" & "clamp" on ebay and you will find many options. Amazon has some options too.

  12. Rob

    Thank you Emm. Once again you have created a practical solution for the operator. Can't wait to see what else you have in store for us.

  13. Habez


    Theres are the clamps i currently use:

    The main (and only problem) that i find with clamps are that if you mount say, a friction arm with monitor horizontally on your rig with a clamp, the weight might just twist the whole clamp downwards.

    You really need to tighten it like crazy to keep it solid.

    Thats why i am interested in these rods since they twist onto another rod itself, they will probably do as they are told. πŸ˜€

  14. The Swiss rod looks like a great idea to me, too.

    A few people have mentioned inexpensive clamps for 15mm rods. Can anyone please link me to where I can get these? Thanks!

  15. Tiko

    Hey Emm, the Gini FF fits more nicely if you put it on the left rod (still keeping the unit on the right side). Just a thought.

  16. Austin

    Any chance of a package deal with a 1-3 of these and a friction arm? Still need to buy a friction arm (or two) and waiting for these rods to go on sale.

  17. Luke

    Really $30-$40??? Wow I can get at least 3-4!!!!

    Like soeone else said if zacuto developed this,it would be $800!!!

  18. Luke

    I want two of the palo altos too.. And I'm waiting for price on the Swiss rods so I will know how many I can afford...

    I hope price is low so I can get a few...

  19. B V

    that would be a good price... I'd buy one for that... whats up with their cage? will they make it with one of these as one of the uprights? and some cheese plate on top with a riser mount? here's hoping.

  20. Emm

    Post author

    @Altamiradora - You put a rod down the middle then you wont have pass through ports.

  21. Altamiradora

    Nice idea but it misses the point !

    I don't need the whole rod ! Just give me the "cheese" part and I'll slide it on my own rods.

    I've got carbon fiber rods that don't have threads on either ends.

  22. This is off the HOOK!! Man you all work overtime to create things just just work like they are suppost too. This is defiantly going on my list of things to add to my rig. Keep up the awesome work ya'll!

  23. These are a must have. Put me down for two. I wanna use them as two of the uprights in my Gini Cage. I also want one f the new paint pole adapters.

  24. Emm

    Post author

    @Ram - Yes eventually there will be other lengths, but not at first release. There are some mounting clamp solutions already available if you just need one or two mounting points on a rod.

  25. Emm

    Post author

    @Matt - These aren't designed to replace all the rods on a rig. It may not even replace any rods on your rig, but you can add one somewhere to give you more mounting points.

  26. How heavy are these? Trying to lighten my rig by getting all CF rods so curious as to how this weighs in compared to say an 8" gini rod...

  27. I really like this concept. My question is will these be available in different lengths? The ones shown would be a bit long for my purposes.

  28. Emm

    Post author

    @Mark Strand - They will still be available, just getting backlogged with a few projects. Check this out. Old version and new version (prototype). It will be a black anodized finish with Knurled texture. The top stage has been widened for more support, and there's a notch for a wrench if you need to secure it a bit better. (note: not finished product)

  29. Tom

    Looks really interesting! I just ordered a Thanks SJ Pro rig from Gini, so this would be a good add-on! Looks like a lot of people are curious on the pricing, but perhaps to early to decide?

  30. imgpro615

    these are brilliant...get ready for the big boys to clone and price rape... i can see it now
    zwiss rods...295USD...
    simplis stringcheese...205USD
    and it goes on...

    thank you EMM for truly affordable gear...not CLAIMING to have affordable gear and pricing just a sconce under the big boys...but real wallet helpers...

  31. Tony

    So who has the cheapest 15mm rod holder camera/tripod base system? Since now I don't have to buy their 15mm rods. I know P&C is going to come in less than half the price!

  32. flablo

    @Emm - Really? I mean, imagine of having, instead of one of the 2 holes where you can now insert the bolt, a 15 mm hole. I don't think it would require more girth for the whole thing, or am I wrong? With a hole like that you could easily create raisers, connections etc

  33. flablo

    This is great. Anyway I wonder why they didn't put a 15 mm hole in the center so that you can insert a perpendicular 15 mm rod there. I think it would have been very useful

  34. Genius Emm - Classic idea. Two of those with 2 cinevate articulate limbs and grips screwed in the side - easy rig set up - One can go with a Gunstock shoulder support too - emphasize that "assault rifle" look eh?
    A ton of additional mounting options! - Damn it just goes on....
    Can't wait to get some. Great stuff Emm - How much they swinging for? any idea?

  35. FFL

    What will be the cost of these nice rods, and how soon shall we expect the cage, really in need of one asap. thank you

  36. Genius! I love it. The possibilities are endless with a couple of these on hand. I wanted to order some more P&C goodies too...I'm glad I waited.

  37. Darius

    Nice design, those additional clamps can get pricey and getting matching color knobs is a nightmare! Great invention, any idea yet what they'll retail for?

  38. Austin

    Did I miss it but what is one of these bad boys going to cost us? Just bought a Gini rig and will probably replace two or three of the rods with these guys.

  39. Emm

    Post author

    @J Hanna - Funny you mention that, because this is the same design rods we'll be releasing with the PNC DSLR Cages next. That's actually how we came about making them..

  40. J Hanna

    I wasn't really feeling it until I realized I could replace my 15mm rails that support my dslr cage with these things. that would be awesome.

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  42. Emm

    Post author

    @Olphus - Yes International through retailers. Thanks for the compliments on the product.

  43. Olphus

    International orders? ...when?
    As mentioned by others, pretty clever. A very elegant solution.
    Congrats on a well designed product!

  44. count me in! And is it just me or does this little rod just make your rig look just that more beastly? I LOVE IT. hahahaha

  45. pops

    @Emm - As you know often times the most basic of gear is the best of gear. This is exactly what the big rig companies don't want. Something... that makes sense. I'm in.

  46. Steve at Zacuto needs to hire you as a secret weapon engineer... so he can charge $700 for this part alone!

    I want mine! been waiting since you told me last time!

  47. Good stuff... I've played with the idea of drilling holes in the rods, in the end just bought some small clamps with mount points. The swiss rods look much neater and no doubt a welcome addition to my rigs...

  48. Emm

    Post author

    @Bruce Philpott - I have a bunch in hand already, and they'll be available on that website probably in a week.

  49. Very cleverly designed, Emm! I'll be watching for this to become available. I can think of several places it would be handy to have one of these installed and at the ready to quickly mount accessories... a couple of places on a jib boom, for instance.

  50. Mike Chenoweth

    Seriously - one of the coolest rig parts I've ever seen! How soon with they be available?

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