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Seen above is a really basic DSLR rig. Two rods, follow focus, front handle, rear shoulder pad, and top handle. Most rigs you find on the market will have just basic rails and clamps so you can build different shapes depending on your needs. Looking at a standard rig from any manufacturer like Zacuto, Cinevate, Express35, Gini, etc. etc., they don't really offer much as far as mounting an LED light, Portable Audio Recorder, LCD monitor, or Microphone.

I have a video that i'll be posting up soon about a new product that I think some people will find quite interesting, but before posting up, I wanted to see how you guys are mounting additional accessories to your rigs. So, are you adding more clamps? More rods? A cage bracket? Let me know..

[Update] If you happened upon this article, i've announced the new product here:


23 thoughts on “Mounting Accessories to 15mm Rigs

  1. Nate Martin

    Those rods look very functional! I have yet to build the perfect rig. Quick question, where did you get that hot shoe mount you used? I can't find any good ones and would like to get some. Thanks!

  2. I bought the Gini cage mounted the the cheap Cowboy Studio shoulder bad and it works great. Just got the Gini i Focus too and its the bomb. I would however, like to see a better way of mounting my monitor. Do they have like friction arms that fit on 15mm rails?

  3. Professional Camera Base plate for HD video cameras - to mount your Follow Focus and Mattebox
    *There should ONE 1/4" thread, TWO 3/8" thread on the bottom plate so that you can mount it to a TRIPOD

    Articulating Magic Arm x Single Rod Clamp w/1/4" thread - to mount your 7'' HD Field Monitors

    Hot Shoe Mount x Single Rod Clamp - to mount your 312A On-Camera Dimmable Led Video Light

    C-shape cage with 2 or 4 thread x Compatible with standard 15mm rods & 1/4" thread - to mount your Zoom H4n

    Female Shoe Mount
    Threaded Shoe Mount
    RailBlock for 15mm rods with 4 threads
    Single Rod Clamp with 2 or 4 thread
    BIG Double Head Stud with 1/4" to 1/4" thread x Thread adapter w/ 1/4" to 3/8" thread

    Check out

  4. I'm looking forward to seeing what kind of attachment gizmo you come up with, Emm.

    I put my basic rail rig (w/FF & matte box) on a Cowboy Studio shoulder rig (via a Manfrotto QR). That puts the camera near my shoulder, not offset. I attached a crossbar to the rails with a handle at the right end (ergonomically angled outward) and my Lilliput monitor on the left, attached with a 90 degree bracket and articulating arm. I've dedicated that arm to the monitor with a 15mm to 14"-20 stud at the other end. That way, I can pull the arm & monitor off and quickly, securely attach it to a mini clamp on a boom or anywhere I want it.

    When I need more than one hotshoe bracket, I add a Rycote 4" extension bar. I don't mount my mic on camera and rarely have to use a light on camera (they're usually on light stands).

  5. Neil

    My rig foundation is the Lanparte baseplate and then depending on the need in the field, I build out from that with shoulder pad, hand grips etc. The Magic Rig components I just received will further add to this since there are some great 90 degree clamps and short rods. For example, I may dispense with the Lanparte handles in some situations and go for a run 'n gun type rig with single Magic Rig handle and perhaps the shoulder brace added at the back.

    I don't yet own a monitor but I do own a Roland R-26 and I just purchased a single rod clamp to 3/4" adaptor plug for that since I plan on attaching the R-26 to the rear of the rig to help balance it. I'll probably be getting an articulated arm soon but I haven't yet fully settled on which monitor I'll be getting.

    The Lanparte rig C-bracket is handy since it has a hotshoe adaptor on it as well as a couple of 3/4" screw threads and for me, the top handle is crucial in terms of balance, stability and ease of carrying the camera around - there's always a solid grabbing point, you know?

    For me, I need adaptability with my rig. I want to be able to switch configurations depending on what I am shooting whether it's an interior "studio mode" type configuration or a light weight hand-held rig. Adapting on the fly and doing so quickly is also important. I'd rather be shooting than fiddling around with a million odd-fitting accessories.

    Looking forward to seeing what you're working on Emm.

  6. I can't wait Emm!

    I like the Modula line too. It's very attractive since they cut their prices. I went with the Pocket Rig because I wanted everything to be stealth and backpack friendly. When the time comes for an over-the-shoulder rig, Edelkrone will get my business for sure.

    Even shipping from Turkey was a breeze.

  7. I'm still playing around with it to get the right combination but I'm using a Custom Brackets HDV wing up top and an Edelkrone Pocket Rig on the bottom. I'm mixing and matching a combination of cold shoes, 7" articulated arms, Alzo handles, and Manfrotto Nano-clamps to mount what I need.

    It's a little ghetto but I've never been a fan of buying a whole bunch of bits which ONLY clamp to 15mm rods. The nanoclamps aren't quite as secure but I can clamp them to other stuff like tripod legs and random nearby objects.

  8. Bobby

    Why adding aditional weight? Just take an Edelkrone rig and you have everything you need with unbelievable flexibility at a very good price!!!

  9. I have been using one of the Gini cages pretty much full time these days. Also, a custom EVF mount, those 11" articulating arms, and a slew of little quick release adapters. For tripod use, I have some rail blocks with vertical cheese plates to mount up an audio recorder, hyperdeck, batteries, etc

  10. Emm

    Post author

    @eiker_ir - Nice setup, thanks. I'll have my video up very soon to show what i'm working on. It's something I think will be handy for building 15mm rigs, but of course might not be for everyone.

  11. i use a hot show cube which turns one show mount into 5, i usually use it to mount a juicedlink/h4n combo and maybe a shotgun or light or maybe even a wireless receiver.

    Youcan see it in a couple of pics here:


    let me know if you can see them, if not i'll upload them somewhere else

  12. I'm actually leaning toward a TrusMT cage for my rig. I've used the rod clamps like Jeremy above stated to attach my Zoom and/or monitor. I like the idea of a more solid point like the cage. Haven't bought it yet, but am saving for it as we speak.

  13. Chris

    I mount a lilliput 7" LCD, 300 led light, and a rode videomic. I use some 1/4" tapped rail mounts and two magic arms. If I feel fancy I also do a matte box and follow focus from filmcity. In the future Ill probably mount my H2 and maybe a small platform for a small laptop.

  14. fred

    i use a monopod with Manfrotto 577 Rapid Connect Adapter.
    the diference is that i use the 1/4-20 hole (on its side) to put a magic arm and a huge Audio-Technica AT8015 - Shotgun Microphone. i could not mount it on the top of my dslr cause is too big.
    on top of my t2i i use a hot shoe mount for a tascam DR100 and a tascam bp-6aa for powering it for long days of shooting
    i am waiting for my Alzo multi mount to use with my new tascam dr-08 and a rod video mic together.

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