New DSLR Rigs Get Pricing

After posting up information that the overseas photography equipment company Fancier is getting into the DSLR rig and DSLR support game, everyone was searching for news on pricing. These rigs by the way were shown at Photokina, so they aren't trying to come in as some sneaky blatant knock-off. I'm sure they had a bit of 'inspiration' from other DSLR rig makers, but this lineup is all theirs.

A few reliable comments have come in with some pricing that were received from Fancier themselves. Although it looks good for what you get, the fact that you can get it cheaper in the USA is really going to slow their pace. Here's the prices that are leaking now, and i'm not too optimistic about it hitting the US market. Hopefully these expected prices will change after this post.

First up is the basic DSLR cage labeled as the FTV-100D. This unit is estimated to com in at $505.94 dollars. Outside of the Follow Focus, you can find pretty much the exact same DSLR cage over at IndiSystems for $129 - top handle and all. Hey, you can even find a popular decent DIY for under $30 bucks.

Next up is your basic DSLR shoulder support with gearless follow focus, labeled the FTV-110A and coming in at expected $491.65. Just in the last few months there have been several US companies offering a base shoulder rig for under $300 dollars.

Third on the list is the FTV-110B, which pretty much looks like a bigger version of their FTV-110A (minus follow focus). This rig is expected to come in at $571.02. Wow, that's a pretty penny considering you can already get several nice basic support rigs for half the price. There's definitely room for more companies, but if you're late in the game, you'll have to bring something more original (or cheaper) to grab some attention.

Fourth configuration is labeled as the FTV-200D coming in at a price of $1,553.15. This adds a matte box, their micro follow focus, and top handle to the base rig. Coming in at a price similar to a Redrock EyeSpy Deluxe bundle which I really love shooting with, at this price, it's going to be hard to penetrate the US market. Sorry Fancier, I really like your (other) products, but if this is really the prices you're heading for in DSLR stabilizers, you have a tough road ahead. Any comments on these 'possible' prices?

You can find more information about their rigs here:

16 thoughts on “New DSLR Rigs Get Pricing

  1. Emm,

    Alex from Fancier emailed me an "updated" list of prices. About $100-$200 less than what's listed.

    I thought that would make them somewhat competitive price-wise, until I found out that one of the lighter items was $100+ to ship.

  2. charles

    oh my, the price is kinda on the steeper side.. i'll rather get a indiSystem.

    : )
    i was thinking it might be about 1/3 of the market prices...
    it's made in china though....

  3. Duff

    The only advantage all these new rigs could potentially have to capture market share is price, but that has yet to happen.

  4. JP Hansen

    Anyone know any site in Europe that sells cheap rigs? (Not Zakuto prices) Maybe something lige the Indisystem rigs.. My problem is that the my country (Denmark) has CRAZY import taxes.. If I order a product in the US I have to pay around 47% extra in taxes.. that means I would pay around 2100$ for a 1550$ rig with out shipping :-/

  5. Emm

    Post author

    LOL, the 'blue guys' use a really nice right angle transmission with gears for more precise movement and can turn even older lenses. The gearless one I think would only work best with very smooth focus rings, which cheaper and vintage lenses don't have. If you're using mainly L glass the gearless follow focus would work. In fact, there are times I can shoot over 80% of a project with my Canon 100mm F/2.8L Macro IS USM. I can see using a gearless on that setup would be fine.

  6. very disapointing... It reminds me of when I heard about a dslr rig compagny called Shape. As they are based in my town (Montreal) I was exited I tough I finally had find the perfect compagny, local and cheap. But I was wrong, they released their products with price tags as high as all the others...

    they want to make big money.... they don't care much about helping poor film makers!

  7. to take a photo, all i need is my camera, but to shoot video i need to pay $3000+ for additional peices of gear? This drives me bonkers.

    If i could, i'de use a hollowed out turkey carcus as a shoulder rig and use the drumpsticks as handles if that would work.

    Long Live the DIY'ers!

  8. xlerate

    I was coordinating with Fancier, awaiting pricing info in consideration of being a US distributor.
    Having received their pricing list, it is considerably better than the 'blue' guys, but still leaves much to be desired and not cost effective resale margin.

    Especially with rigs, there is no magic happening there and it is hard to justify a couple of hundred for a competitive brand that doesn't have the following the other guys have.

    The only thing here that looks of interest is the follow focus. At around $80, it's about 1/7 the cost of the 'blue guys'.

  9. Fancier - nice fluid head and tripod sticks.... and a good price... but no thanks, I'll pass on all this gear and stick with IndiSystem or someone similar.

  10. Graeme

    what's the follow focus displayed on these cameras?
    Trying to work out the best (and cheapest) FF to get (I have no rail system)

    if anyone can point me in the right direction for FF systems(pro's and cons) that would be great. not many places here in the UK that sell the off branded ones

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