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Nate Horowitz writes in with a kick ass DIY DSLR stabilizer rig. A bike mechanic and film maker, Nate used parts from a Titanium bike frame, aluminum seat posts, and aluminum bar stock. I'm hoping Nate will fill us all in with more information about the exact parts used and how much modification was needed, as this looks like one sweet DIY project. You can find more detailed photos over at his Flickr gallery here[email protected]/5049491205/in/photostream/, and feel free to leave some comments on this article. [Thanks Nate]

[Update from Nate] Here's the breakdown of parts in this rig.
I hacked off the seat stays and a chain stay off a crashed $1000+
Titanium road bike frame. FREE
I used a bolt on axle on the rear to connect the chain-stay to the two
rails. FREE
The grips are two seat posts with BMX Oury grips slid over them. $10

Aluminum bar stock. $!5
Nuts and bolts. $4
PVC cap and toilet O-ring. (used as a compression ring) $5
Plumbing clamps? (for the rear shoulder). $5

Manfrotto Quick Release Plate $45
USPS Shoulder Strap $7

Grey Primer $5
Matte Black Spraypaint $5

4 thoughts on “DIY Titanium DSLR Rig

  1. Do you have the measurement for the pieces?
    Abecause i would love to build domething equal..
    for prices of equipment in Brazil is ridiculous..
    Cheaper and more fun to build.

    And that is a pray to all DIY developer..
    please attach measurement...

  2. A.C. Pearson

    That looks better than most of the $300 rigs I've been looking at. I would love to try to put one together myself. I see the parts list but it doesn't look comprehensive. Would love to see a video explaining how to make this 😀

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