New $99 Dollar DSLR Shoulder Stabilizer


I've seen a few cheap DSLR related items spin off into some success. Here's another new stabilizer on the market that I think is going to have a good future. It's coming in at $99 bucks available on Amazon and $99 on eBay with Free Shipping. Although the price is going to help make it popular, it helps to be designed fairly similar to another rig that goes for more than $250 dollars. Designed with aluminum and stainless steel, it can adjust your camera forward/back, left/right for an offset, up/down, and also can be modified for left or right shoulder shooting. A good 1" thick foam shoulder pad with metal shoulder support, i'm thinking it would be a great platform for drilling in accessory mounts. The handle can also be removed for going uber-simple.


The description claims a 'hands free' solution, but i'm curious if it really has that ability. If it does, then it's going to give the cheap plastic $24.00 dollar shoulder support a good run for the money. I should have my hands on one soon to be used with my new Sony A55. Looks like it will be an excellent light weight camera stabilizer for other cameras like the Panasonic GH1/GH2, Canon T2i, or Nikon D3100, but it does claim to be able to support up to 20lbs of weight.

find-price-button $99 Video Shoulder Stabilizer Support

Also available via eBay + Free Shipping

find-price-button $99 dollar shoulder support video stabilizer

27 thoughts on “New $99 Dollar DSLR Shoulder Stabilizer

  1. Emm

    Post author

    @Bo Reidler - It looks better, but isn't a true hands free solution. I like the $24.00 dollar one, if you're not worried about aesthetics.

  2. Rabi

    I question the morality of Opteka's business model, but I appreciate seeing cheaper DSLR video gear on the market.

  3. Joakim T

    Received mine today after super fast delivery to Canada. Took 1 day! Haven't had much time to play around with it yet, but it seems you can't adjust the height too well. This makes it hard when you have a viewfinder attached. I'll have another go at it, but i might have to put some kind of a riser on it. Seems solid though and you can't beat the price.

  4. Joakim T

    Looks so promising I had to order one. Great find Emm! You're my go-to-guy for all things dslr! Should arrive in a few days, barring any Christmas delays. On that note, merry X-mas to you all.

  5. Tony Carretti


    Just pulled the trigger on one of these this morning. Will definitely post up review and test video as soon as I get it. I curious to try it out with my new GH2 as well as my T2i.

    Will keep you all posted!

  6. Max

    This looks okay. I just bought the $20 stablizer. Could you do a DIY of how to cheaply add adjustable handles for it?

    Maybe even how to add some rails or a handle to the top.


  7. Darryl Gregory

    EMM can you reply to post 120 over here


  8. Rabby

    Oh! thanks for the Tip on Attaching the quick Release on to that WFA717 (I think) Tripod, had to file the screw little bit, if works fine now.

  9. Rabby

    Thanks Emm,

    Humm should I get it? attaching that Quick Release adaptor/plate should work fine don't you think, the one you mention few weeks ago ($20) httpss://

    Can't decide, uRRH cause I was thinking of make a RIG from the $20 shoulder mount into same as you have with the Genie Rig...

  10. AC

    I would like to see if this will support a 5D and a 7D. I have the indisystem shoulder mount..and that thing takes a toll on you after a day of shooting.

  11. Very interesting, would like to see some test footage, It is good that there are more and more cheap solutions, because the DSLR equipments are just too expensive

  12. Nick

    It looks like the shoulder frame and the mounting frame disassemble. As a traveling videographer, this would be invaluable. Can anyone confirm?

  13. Josh

    Hmm looks really nice, but postage to the UK is a little steep. Still, is £90 a bargain? I will wait too see. Thanks Emm!

  14. Emm

    Post author

    @Marco - They would be used for two totally different types of shooting. This is more of a shoulder type rig.

  15. Marco

    Hope to read more soon. It would be interesting to see this new toy compared to the Flycam nano: do you think they can be compared or they're too different kind of solutions for stabilizing shooting?

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