Canon 60D Firmware Upgrade


For those rockin' the Canon 60D, Canon has recently released a new firmware upgrade. It's designed to fix a few rare cases when working with flash and specific lenses. Personally i'm going to hold off on this since it's not something that immediately affects what I use the 60D for. There's also been a few cases where a firmware upgrade to fix one thing, ends up bringing about small new problems. If you're still in for the upgrade here's the link:

2 thoughts on “Canon 60D Firmware Upgrade

  1. bruce

    how about a software update that makes the live focus, focus. it's beyond useless as it is. Incredable that they would even use the term focus.
    just need to get that off my chest. I put the extra bucks out for the articulating screen and live view. This turned out to be a complete waist of money.

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