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Someone commented the other day about the Konova slider not being available and another person questioning if it will arrive. I'm not sure how long they were offline, but they seem to be back again and they are definitely shipping. Here's another recent unboxing and short video clip samples from Vimeo member NetMedia. Instead of using a Fluid video head, he's gone with a 3 way photography head. Although panning while sliding could be tricky, you can achieve some crazy camera angles with this type of head. NetMedia seems to be pretty happy with it. Of course they do sell such a thing as a 3 way fluid head, which works well for panning small cameras.
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  1. Hey everyone, I regards to the slider coming a bit banged up, well I just received the new K3B2 slider and it had quite a few nicks and scratches in the medal as well. I am talking like actual scraps in the medal. I am such a perfectionist when it comes to my gear looking really good out of the box so I am now trying to see what Frank will do for me. I can't imagine sending it back since it would just cost more money so not really sure how to deal with it. I really hope he does something for me.

    I will let you know what happens when it happens.


  2. spaceflows

    @ Videoguy916 - Mine had few nicks and minor scratches in the paint/finish as well. Overall it works beautifully. Now, if I'd bought this at B&H I would have returned it for a shinier one, but I'm quite happy with the slightly weathered look.

    @ Ben Rock - Thanks for the comprehensive review. Found the same instant bumps without constant track cleaning.

  3. I received my slider yesterday after having ordered it a few weeks ago (which Konova told me would happen). So if you're still waiting for your slider, keep the faith.

    Overall it's an amazing product for the price and I'm sure I will use it as long as I can. Some immediate thoughts:

    1) I noticed immediately that there was a slight "rock" in the slider, like something was loose. I used the enclosed instructions to disassemble the slider and after some trial and error I was able to tighten it down enough that it didn't rock, but at the same time wasn't TOO tight. We'll see how it performs on a shoot and if I'm going to have to take it apart in the field to fix it.

    2) It mounts fine to a tripod, but the bottom of it slides around a lot making it hard to tighten down to the quick-release plate. What this means is that while trying to do a cool move, the whole thing loosens on the quick-release plate of the tripod (in my case, the Cartoni "Focus" system) and it screws up the shot. a light stand supporting it on both other ends as well as a piece of cloth tape underneath the undercarriage of the slider will probably fix this, but it's worth mentioning.

    3) Even in my house I found myself constantly cleaning the rods inside the slider with the attached cleaners. The slightest bit of dust or anything will give the slider an instant bump in the ride.

    4) It would be great if Konova or a DIY-er would come up with an elegant way to dampen the friction on the slider. It works great, but you're always in "free slide" mode which can be problematic if you're sliding up or down at any angle. It does have an attached brake, but that stops you dead and there's no in-between.

    Again, for the price it's hard to beat. In the end, it might make a lot of people want to graduate to a more robust (and expensive) solution, but it's definitely a light a portable way to achieve pretty slick results.

  4. Craig

    Sigh.... Of course my slider was lost in transit. Cleared customs and has now been in the ether for the last 6 days. Never arrived at the local post office according to tracking. Now I get to see how this all plays out getting another one. Jealous you all are getting to use yours....

  5. Emm

    Post author

    @Rod - Yes, the fluid head is inconsistent from the factory. Some are loose, some are crazy tight. Opening up and cleaning out gunk will provide you with a top notch head.

  6. Thanks Emm, I'll try the rubber washer. There is a lot of tention panning and maybe that's why it unscrews the 717AH from the slider. Maybe I need to replace the grease? Is there an adjustment for the panning? Thanks again.

  7. Harlan

    Mine arrived Friday but I havent had a chance to pick it up. Have to sign for it which sucks. I am picking it up tomorrow. Will report back.

  8. John

    yes, mine had some minor scratches as well...but i'm not too worried about it.

    thx for the tip! that means i'll have to flip the image in Premiere Pro or other software when processing?

  9. Emm

    Post author

    @Rod - weird, mine sits pretty flush. Try adding a large rubber washer between. Also a tip for some, if you flip the slider upside down (camera hanging) it will be less top heavy and you can get much smoother shots. This means you'll need a stand on each side, but this is a trick many pros use with other sliders.

  10. I'm wondering if anyone can tell me how to mount the 717AH on my Konova with out it getting loose when I pan? The slider is great, the head is ok, but I can't get it tight on the slider. Thanks.

  11. Craig

    When did you guys order your sliders? Mine said shipped on the 28th of Jan and I still don't have it. No tracking number or nothing. Boo hoo.

  12. Videoguy916

    I too got my slider in the mail the other day, and love the smooth shots it can produce. However, mine arrived with quite a few Knicks and scratches on the main slider, as well as the feet. I bought mine "new" from konova on eBay, but I am concerned it may be used. Has anyone else received one that has scratches or Knicks in the paint?

  13. My mailman tried to deliver my slider today, but I wasn't home to sign. Now I'm eagerly counting down the hours until the post office opens tomorrow. Can't wait!!!

  14. John

    Awesome video! I have bought 80 and 120cm from Konova and their customer service (FRANK) is top-notch!!! They go above and beyond for their customers and shipping is actually really fast. Once shipped, it only takes 3 business days to get to my house!!! I'm impressed not only by their customer service to make things right but also the build quality of the sliders. Truly top-notch company and products. Thank you, Emm and I will definitely buy from Konova again!


  15. john d

    wow, that looks so small and compact!
    thats some silky smooth sliding action.

    Can't wait for mine to arrive!!!!

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