Canon 600D / T3i & 1100D / T3 Announced


As if there isn't enough cameras in Canon's lineup, they recently just announced the T3i or 600D. Looks very close to the Canon 60D sticking with the Vari-angle LCD screen and i'm sure taking in a few other similarities. Some new tricks with in camera processing of photos and videos, upgrades to EOS utilities and Zoom Browsers, but technical specs within the core processor don't surpass the 60D. Don't expect this camera to bring any better image quality.

There is a new Zoom feature that can zoom in 3-10x while maintaining HD video output. Hey that's pretty cool, and can take advantage of shorter lenses. I'm sure there will be some added softness to the effect. Another step up from the T2i is manual audio levels and built in flash trigger. Guess what though, this 600D goes back to the LP-E8 battery unlike the 60D which uses the LP-E6. Sorry guys, no headphone out monitoring added to this DSLR (what's up Canon?).

For those who really wanted the swivel LCD, but could not afford the 60D prices, this T3i would be the answer. And to throw in even more confusion, Canon's released a T3 camera (not T3i). This almost seems to be the replacement for a T1i. The T3 is an even lower entry level DSLR, a bit slower in photo fps, lower megapixels, smaller LCD (no swivel), and only 720 capable.

The prices of these new Canon cameras are coming in low so i'm assuming this will discontinue sales of the T2i completely (unless they are willing to do a huge price drop). If it's true then expect remaining T2i inventories to drop prices even lower in the coming weeks. Canon sure has been moving pretty quickly through the lower end of consumer cameras, let's hope they come out with a replacement for some of the top end soon!

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18 thoughts on “Canon 600D / T3i & 1100D / T3 Announced

  1. Any idea when this will be available to ship? I'm thinking about ordering a 600D as a backup to my 60D, but I'll be curious to see if the price of the 60D is impacted by the 600D. Based on the specs, it looks like it's going to mirror the 60D with its video features.

    Any thoughts?

  2. Jason

    I was about to start hating on this but I read that last part..It used the same batteries as the t2i. Thats actually a good thing and one of the reasons why I didn't like the 60D. I spent a good chunk of money, (mainly from seeing this site hehe) on the ecosystem, batteries, grip, charger etc for the t2i. If they worked in the new t3i I'd be more inclined to upgrade, especially the batter grip!

    Cant wait to get some reviews/feedback on that..

  3. crazyrunner33

    The T3i really isn't meant for owners to jump ship from the T2i to the T3i. The T3i is basically a T2i with a few nicely added features that is meant to directly compete with the Panasonic GH2. It's also good because it will attract more pro shooters to consider this as a cheaper backup due to the manual audio controls. The T2i already is an impressive camera that can compete in image quality with the 60D and the 7D, if they would have given the T3i too much more then it would take a lot of sales away from 60D and 7D, and that would have been a dumb move.

    It's not the biggest upgrade in the world, but it's just enough of an upgrade to help compete with other cameras and it doesn't compete too much with Canon's higher end cameras.

  4. Leo Telles

    Any information about release date? I'll be in States from Feb 25 to March 25, and here in brazil it'll get a lot more expensive.

  5. J.S Lawrence

    I find this....... stupid, to be honest with you. I love my T2i, and the T3i isn't really much different.... I'll pass!

  6. Emm

    Post author

    @Zach - Unfortunately everything I need from Magic Lantern I have in my other cameras. I have not used Magic Lantern during a paid gig. One thing that concerns me (don't quote me on this), but the T2i has a built in temp gauge and can get kicked off pretty quickly just running normal duties. Magic Lantern definitely provides more features, but does it make it run harder, faster, stronger? Never heard any complaints, but hopefully doesn't over heat the camera's processor.

  7. Zach

    @Emm yea I see what you mean. Do you use it and if so, have you used it for a paying gig? BTW the classifieds section in my opinion is a success. Made my first purchase today and saved roughly $15.

  8. Emm

    Post author

    @beastly brendan - Although it's not far from the T2i, it does have all the new upgrades Canon has been releasing in other cameras (swivel LCD, HD Video Crop, Better Build, Manual Audio levels, Wireless Flash Trigger, Video Snapshots, Creative Filters..). The T2i is an old camera and although it's doing well, I think Canon wants even their lower end DSLR's to be up to date against some of the new competitors. This will keep that market satisfied instead of seeing Canon's low end as 'old school tech'. It's also coming in at about the same price as the T2i when it was first released.

  9. Emm

    Post author

    @Zach - LOL, Magic Lantern has been said on this blog many times, but it since it has really really good exposure you can find information about Magic Lantern in a million places. There's no need for me to reiterate what has been said a million times over.

  10. beastly brendan

    wow, just bought the t2i in december of 2010. i thought that this t3i would be a sick upgrade and would make me mad that i bought the t2i. this new camera doesn't incite me like my t2i has done... too bad, this new camera sounds and sorta rushed. idk, but it's interesting that the t2i might be discontinued... it seemed to me it was SUPER popular, everyone seems to have one.

  11. Kay O. Sweaver

    Yeah, nothing terribly exciting here. At least the 60D will probably come down a little bit. I'd like to see what's in store for the 7D and 5D.

  12. crazyrunner33

    The digital zoom sounds interesting, I'm interested in seeing how that turns out and if they'll feature any firmware updates for other cameras. I'm either choosing this one or the 60D for a secondary camera to the 7D.

  13. Zach

    Any word on if these cameras will be able to run Magic Lantern? I'm surprised Emm never mentions this break through since it's DIY (kinda) and enables a lot of video functions. Does anyone else use it by any chance?

  14. Dan

    No they will not =( i was really looking forward to the t3i but its not much of an upgrade over the t2i, ill pass!

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