DIY SpiderTrax Rotational Dolly

YouTube member TheAussieInLA puts together his DIY version of the SpiderTrax rotational dolly and gets some pretty cool results. Looks like some basic skateboard trucks, skate wheels, and flat steel. [Thanks Alex]

The original version sold at is no longer available, but if you're not the DIY type the next best version for the cheapest price is made through Konova. The Konova rotational dolly is well built with an anodized plating and a few fancy graphics. Although they opted to use roller blade type wheels, they flipped the axles upside down and shaved them flat, bringing it closer to the ground for low shots. You can find them following the link below.

find-price-button Konova Rotational Video Camera Skater Dolly

14 thoughts on “DIY SpiderTrax Rotational Dolly

  1. @TheAussie - excellent! Just finished building mine a couple of days ago. Just waiting for some wheels to come in! thanks so much!

  2. TheAussieInLA

    Yes that link is correct, I used a 1/4" metal drill bit and made 3 holes. Go slow but it is effective.

  3. @romns116 - this looks like it could be it:

    Which leads me to my next question:

    @TheAussieInLA def cool and seems very simple to accomplish. you actually inspired to tackle being that I'm not a DIY'er but aspire to be (need to save moola!)

    My question is, is the link I provided the same plate you used? if so, what are the measurements you used for drilling purposes as the one provided in link doesn't seem to have any holes?

    Thanks and look forward to seeing more!

  4. romns116

    Great job Alex. I couldn't find the plate at Lowe's or HD, so I improvised by stacking a couple of deck mounting plates. No good. Any one else find a good plate?

  5. Brent

    I loved this. Just made my own with some old skateboard parts i had lying around, an old tripod head and $4 of hardware and it turned out amazing. thanks for the inspiration. il post a vid of mine soon.

  6. TheAussieInLA

    @Damirk, thanks for your feedback. Solid metal base plate. It actually works really well and I am super happy with the outcome. Let me know how yours turns out.

  7. DamirK

    I am currently building a dolly, and thought of doing the same as you did for the skater dolly (or whatever people call it), but with wooden plate, but you pointed out important info. More weight = more stability 😉
    Will do the same! Easiest way to do it!
    Thanks for the video!

  8. TheAussieInLA

    Thanks, guys really appreciate it. I definately want to film a DIY on some lights I am building. Really easy and Cheap all your feedback inspires me to continue to share.

  9. Harlan

    This is awesome. Great job brother! Your first DIY and you hit it out of the park! Now I want one!

  10. TheAussieInLA

    Yes ricky you can find this plate at Lowes or Home Depot. Most Hardware stores will carry a metal plate like this.

  11. This is cool. I've never attempted a DIY, but I'm wondering, does anyone know where a metal plate can be purchased like he uses? Do hardware stores carry any type of metal plates? Just asking before I go searching myself. Thanks.

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