Mystery Product? the Whos-A-Ma-Widget.

Why is everything related to Camera's marked up a Bazzillion percent? I looked for a good solution for one of my DIY interests, and couldn't find exactly what I wanted, especially for the price I wanted to pay. In fact there are very very little solutions for this type of camera related interest. Sorry i'm being very vague, but sincerely I have to be.

Since I couldn't find exactly what I needed, i went back to the guys who are working on the Spider Trax Dolly project and had something else 'custom made'. It's a very versatile little 'whos-a-ma-widget' adapter, that can save you money on a variety of different DIY projects by adapting camera to umm existing 'thingies'. Even though I doubt there are even a handful of people who would be interested in it, I thought i'd have them run off a few hundred. You'll see these hitting the Internet soon, consider it my investment to the DSLR community.

More information soon, stay tuned.

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