indiSystem Contact?

I got this email just now:

Hello, Thanks for the great work and bringing some
clarity to this emerging DSLR scene. I have been searching for
information about a company called
Indiefocus, they have line of lower priced camera
products. They have 3 different follow focus units, one
at $99 that works by friction not gears, it looks just
right for my T2i.
Have you had any contact with them? They do not answer their emails
or phone, so I do not want to send
money. I know this not your issue, but you seem to get around. They
look like good products. Any thoughts?

Here's my response. I've emailed them, called them on several occassions, but have never ever heard back from any of my inquiries. Sorry IndiSystems, hope this doesn't hurt your sales. You look like you have good products, but your support kinda sucks. Oh and that $99 dollar slider i've been plugging for them, I got it second hand and modified the unit by swapping out the cheap plastic head (that broke off). Anyone have any luck with indiSystems? I can't seem to get through, and i've been hearing this from many people. Oh and indiSystems, if you're out there reading this, holla back.

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  1. I know I am a little late to this conversation but I wanted to share my experience with everyone. I am privileged enough to live 15 minutes away from where they do all of their manufacture all of their rigs, so I am able to just drive over there and look at things I am interested in.

    That being said, I emailed Tim and received an email back within an hour about meeting up with him. He has been responding to my emails consistently over the last week.

    In addition to that, the Follow Focus I purchased from him (indiFocus Mini + 12" DSLR indiRails Pro) is a superb set up that is well built, looks professional and performs great with a total price tag right around $300.

    From what I have seen, communication with him can be a little difficult, but if you are RESPECTFULLY persistent, I am sure you will get the same service I received, and in the end, you will be using a great rig that comes in under budget.

    Just my 2 cents on indiSystems.

  2. Emm

    Post author

    @DrawingInfinity - Indisystem has some good rigs too, but if you've had the opportunity to compare the two you'll see a difference in metal work. And Gini has offered auctions on rigs, where other companies don't at all. I've picked up several rigs which add up to a good amount of 15mm rods and clamps for cheap. My advice for Gini is to look for the cheap auctions, don't pay full price, and always buy via eBay / paypal to protect yourself if you have problems. If you don't mind paying full price for rigs, there's great ones out there like Red Rock, Zacuto, Cinevate, etc.

    Oh and my mistake about the matte box, I though you were just talking rigs. If you're talking about Follow Focus systems, then yes the Gini is quite large.

  3. DrawingInfinity

    I saw that page in my research but I want to make sure that they will fit the 50mm 1.8. Would you recommend getting a complete set of cinematics or just one for the 50mm and using zip gears for the rest of my lenses? And will zip gears work with the iFocus?

    Regarding the matte box, that's what I thought but this forum poster said he had to reverse the iFocus some strange way to be able to use it with a matte box as well.

    I guess in the Indisystem vs Gini question, you're pro-Gini, right? I know you've given him a lot of good press.

  4. Emm

    Post author

    @DrawingInfinity - Gini rigs are based on 15mm rods and clamps. There's no standard rig, and adding a matte box would be no different than on any other 15mm rig. I also mention a few different lens gears in this video httpss://

  5. DrawingInfinity

    I have a question. I'm looking to buy a new rig. It's either going to be an Indisystem Areeba Package that includes the Areeba rig, Indifocus mini, Indimattepro, and snap gears for $750 after shipping or I will get an extreme-17 from Gini on ebay with the ifocus for around $474 after shipping and then I'll have to get lens gears and a matte box separately. What would be the best bet?

    Also, if I go with Gini, can anyone recommend lens gears that I would be able to use with the ifocus and my Canon 50mm 1.8 and my Tokina 11-16? I read somewhere that it may be difficult to add a matte box to the Gini rigs. Is that accurate?


  6. Charles House

    Russ, I said this on Cinema5d...

    I can't speak for why you didn't get a response, but I called today and got an answer immediately on the phone. Did you?

    Also... not to be rude, but your English isn't that great, and it makes your original email appear rather rude. He may have refunded you because... you told him to? Not to mention you called him an asshole in your first email.

    Beyond that, you created a fake email and a fake name to check up on a single order. This, to a seller, looks suspicious. So, the name he saw associated with some of the inquiries weren't the same as on the card. So... there's your question on why he asked about the payment's authenticity.

    As for the refund time, refunds DO traditionally take a few days to process. Most anywhere.

    Then, you made a bunch of threats and got "no response." Wonder why?

  7. Doug

    I have purchased from indisystems in the past without problem, but recently made a purchased in November 2011 and by January 2012, had not rec'd anything. No receipt, no confirmation, no item, nothing, nada, zip. I emailed 2x and no response. Had to file a complaint thru PayPal and they resolved. Not sure what the problem is, but obviously there is one.

  8. Calvin

    Hi there,

    I was thinking about getting the ultracompact rig. Is this rig better than the ones that Gini is offering on his ebay pages?

    Do I really need a follow focus if I use a shoulder rig? Would it be awkward if I just try to focus it on the lens? Would it cause a shake if I try that?

  9. Brian

    They don't do much email or return calls, but Call Tim, usually he picks up and will help you out. They're legit and have affordable products.

  10. Steph

    First, let me say I think Tim has evolved quite a bit since the beggining of indisystem. I ordered a slider a few years ago and felt that the communication with clients was not is biggest strength. But the slider was great. A couple of weeks ago, the gearbox of my Follow Focus broke, I emailed him asking his advice. He replied the same day, asking for a photo of the broken part. I sent pictures and the following day Tim asked for my shipping adress. I received a new gearbox delivered IN CANADA 4 days later! Free of charge! No questions asked! So as far as I'm concerned, I will continue giving him my business, as I think his customer support is now at par with the quality of his products.

    Stephane Demers

  11. TD

    Tim from indiSYSTEM is appalling to deal with.

    I tried emailing and calling (left a voicemail) after I'd placed my order, and didn't get any response. Then I filled out the contact form on his site and he got back to me.

    To tell me he'd canceled my order and refunded my money.


    Avoid like the plague.

  12. Russ

    Very bad experience with Not recommended. Tried to get the indislidermini. After 1 week with fedex delivery to Europe no response.
    Sent dozen emails. Nothing. Created fake email address with fake name. After a few minutes got response from Tim Ovel. Asked him about my 1 week older order.

    Me: If you do, don't be - ash hole and send my indislidermini. If you can't do that, no stock, ... Just give me the money back.

    My order: #7754

    How you think I will order something else after this experience with indislidermini?

    what's happening with you man? why you do this? Why you accept orders but don't send nothing?

    Refund the credit card with the billing address of Brooklyn New York. Was that your card?

    greate tim. excellent service. And what's the problem with my card? You think this is not my card? maybe you need my bank statements and ID? You think I stoled this card to buy $100 stuff? Let's be serious.

    You now, you're the first who have issues with different shipping adress. I used another email because you haven't answered to my email, after that I sent you dozen mails. You have one more negative feedback. Any way, not yet refund posted.

    "Jeff" refund was made; FYI, refunds do take 1-3 days to post.

    ok. will wait. hope never will have to deal with people like you. you understand what's the thing is to wayting something for important project and after to get nothing? and plus so try to get the money back? I think not. Tim, this is business not college games.


    Thak you Jeff, reported you to the authorities.

    Reported for what?))
    read this man
    maybe you will understand something

    I don't know who must report to authorities, Me or You.

    special for you my bank account statements

    Waiting for my refund in 1-3 business days. If not, I will report your "company", After we will see who is scammer. Check the google and you will see how many people are frustrated by your service.

    no response...

  13. Aham

    Does anyone know how much it would cost to have the indiminislider sent to me the UK? Duty tax and all? Thanks

  14. I had great experience working with INDIsystem, they are great people to buy from and they stand behind their product. I've ordered few things from them and they've made a mistake with missing some items. I called them and they've corrected the error right a way and two days later the items arrived.
    I had no problem getting a real person to answer my call ( I live in Canada )
    I highly recommend them, and the price.... you can't get better value for your money. I hope to see more products coming from them in the future.

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  16. nick

    OMG the customer support at Indisystem SUCKS!!!!!!! i've been trying to get a hold of them for 2 weeks now. I send 1 email and leave 1 voicemail per day. NO RESPONSE. I don't know what to do everyone, i really need to figure out how to return something to them but they wont get back to me!

  17. Chris

    Ii just want to share my experience with IndiSystem and their after sales support or lack there of.

    I just left a complaint with the BBB (Better Business Bureau) about IndiSystem or IndiFocus or whatever their name is.

    I purchased a product from them in July, it arrived broken and/or incomplete (it looks like it might have been a returned product or something) and I've tried calling and contacting them for the last three weeks, have not received any response whatsoever back, and am now tired of wasting my time trying to get a hold of someone at a company that is never going to call me back (have left several messages and called numerous other times each week).

    It looks like a great product and I was excited to use it and had even planned to use it for an event this past weekend but didn't due to not wanting them to think I was responsible for the slider the way it arrived.

    Not a happy customer.


  18. Steffen Bergm

    I had only good experience with indisystem. I odered on the 6th of August a indiRAILSpro DSLR smâ„¢ and a maxiMOUNTâ„¢.

    After I read all the bad posts on the forums I was very worried about my money. So I wrote a Mail to indisystem and I got a answer on the same day (12.08.2010).

    They told me, that my order will arrive on Monday in Austria.

  19. Frank

    I got him the first time I called. Im about to order several products its a no brainer. The same can be said about purchasing overseas. I ordered the LED lights you recommend 4 weeks ago emailed the distributer and nothing. The batterypack however came quickly. (GREAT BUY for T2i!!!) No more stopping charging!! I bet hes just experiencing a surge of business he cant handle at this point thus the lack of support. When I talked to him he seemed like a great guy answered all my questions. He could be like my father great to deal with horrible with the whole internet thing!! lol

  20. I ordered the indi slider from them and it came with no problems HOWEVER the day after I ordered it I gave thjem a call to see if I could put an orvernight rush on it for an upcoming shoot I had and I got an outgoing voicemail message saying they were "At a convention that week". No One ever called me back. Ever...

  21. I bought the indiSlider Deluxe. They never answered any of my emails and the shipping was very late (a month after I bought it), but I have to say it's a GREAT quality slider for the price.
    Their products are great, but the email support is weak. Anyway, I would recommend 'em without any doubts.

  22. Jeff

    I bought 3 things from Tim at Indifocus/Indisystem and I have always been able to get a hold of him on the phone. Yeah he's not great at answering emails that why whenever I had a question I just called directly. He takes care of you if you buy from him. I needed my shoulder rig ASAP and he sent it overnight, no additional shipping charge. He also threw in additional counter weights for it. Honestly I don't even know if he charges for shipping. I think it also helps that He's based in Iowa and I live in Chicago. Of course it's always buyer beware when you buy from independent companies. You almost always get what you pay for.

  23. Ryan

    I have bought the shoulder rig from Indisystems. I have to say their products are excellent for their price range.

    But yeah, their support is tough. Tim is basically running a one man show as it was a small operation. But due to the huge surge in DSLR demand, I'm sure he's getting tons of orders.

    Definitely recommend them though.

  24. Blucross

    I recently purchased one of the DSLR Shoulder rigs from there, the UltraCompact. I was hesitant due to various reports such as these, so I called them up. Tim (the owner) answered the first time I called. He promised to ship my product on Tuesday so I would have it in time for a gig on Thursday. Sure enough, I got a tracking number on Tuesday, and the package arrived on Thursday.

    I know he has experienced a surge in business in the last few months and has gotten behind. He has mentioned that he hired extra help to speed things up as well.

    I realize that my experience seems to be the exception but I did place my order just one week ago so it is pretty recent. I hope he is able to catch up to the demands for his products and get back to a satisfactory level of consistent follow-up and customer service.

  25. Believe me your not the only one...a lot of pissed off customers on different forums. It's a shame because I was really interested in getting the Ultra compact shoulder rig but after reading all these horror stories, I rather wait until Tim (owner) gets his sh*t together and at least hires someone to answer his emails/phone. He is basically a one man show...but with demand so high you'd think he'd hire some help by now.

  26. Sadly, I have the same issue with them. Complete lack of response to any of my contact requests. I actually like the indiSlider Mini that I bought from them, but I also had a problem with the head and ended up fixing it myself after not hearing back from them for over 2 months. I personally won't buy from them again because of their lack of courtesy.

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