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I got this email just now:

Hello, Thanks for the great work and bringing some
clarity to this emerging DSLR scene. I have been searching for
information about a company called
Indiefocus, they have line of lower priced camera
products. They have 3 different follow focus units, one
at $99 that works by friction not gears, it looks just
right for my T2i.
Have you had any contact with them? They do not answer their emails
or phone, so I do not want to send
money. I know this not your issue, but you seem to get around. They
look like good products. Any thoughts?

Here's my response. I've emailed them, called them on several occassions, but have never ever heard back from any of my inquiries. Sorry IndiSystems, hope this doesn't hurt your sales. You look like you have good products, but your support kinda sucks. Oh and that $99 dollar slider i've been plugging for them, I got it second hand and modified the unit by swapping out the cheap plastic head (that broke off). Anyone have any luck with indiSystems? I can't seem to get through, and i've been hearing this from many people. Oh and indiSystems, if you're out there reading this, holla back.