Compact 5 Section Travel Monopods

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The more sections in a monopod, the more collapsed the monopod can be. A 5 section Monopod has more sections to collapse and drop down it's minimum folded length. Manfrotto has a few new 5 section travel monopods that can collapse down to just over 15", making them some of the shortest on the market. It's fully expanded length up to 57". Unfortunately these new lightweight travel monopods are only rated to support cameras at 3.3 lbs, but for light weight Photography or Videography shooters, it should be released at only $25 dollars.

If you're looking for something that holds more beef for cheap, the Cullman 550 - 5 section Monopod with quick release locks, will support up to 18 lbs., collapses to 18" inches and extends to 59.8". Currently on back order on many websites, but for about $50 dollars, it's expected.

find-price-button Cullman Magnesit 550 - 5 section Monopod

6 thoughts on “Compact 5 Section Travel Monopods

  1. Olga

    Hi... I want to buy my first monopod, I'm gonna use it mostly for video shooting. I was thinking about something with a fluid head (for pans and tilts) but it can't be too long (like the 561bhdv) 'cause I wanna take it with me on my trips. Do you have any recommendations?

    Thanks in advance!

  2. Emm

    Post author

    @Aaron - You might run into a problem panning the head, it would loosen up if you panned counterclockwise. Of course since it's a monopod you could just turn the whole pod around without panning the actual head. Also, the Cullman might only have a 1/4 x 20 thread, so you'll need a step down adapter inside the 717.

  3. Aaron

    Just curious...If I mount a Weifeng 717 fluid head onto this Cullman monopod, would I be able to create something like the Manfrotto561BHDV1 (minus the mini legs).

  4. I've always wanted to try using a monopod for the quick run and gun shoots, where lugging around a big tripod was not practical. But I missed those steady shots. I've wanted to try the Trek-tech "monopod/tripod/hiking staff multi-tool" but at $230 a little out of range for something I just wanted to try. I really like the idea of the added benefit of "legs" for even more stability. Anyone else have one?

  5. I have the Manfrotto National Geographic Monopod and I don't ever leave home without it, it has a quick release and ball mount that comes with it and a swivel rubber pad on the bottom, I even put my 70-200mm on there and it holds fine. The price was $35 I think. They just released a same version tripod and that looks nice as well but without a handle for $63.

    The only reason I bought it because it has the quick release on it. Also I dropped it water once and its still working.

    With the 60D I am able to put it overhead in crowds and get the shots smoothly and it doesnt bend at all.

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