New Straight Rail Dolly Design

rolling camera dollyrolling camera dolly

New double rail camera slider design (or dolly) on the market. This one doesn't look like it comes off the rails for some smooth table action, so it's pretty useless except to roll on it's rails. Very little specs, but it looks like standard 15mm rods with tripod mount ends. Even if it doesn't come off for the tables, the very simple design looks like it would be very efficient as a straight slider and with wide rails looks pretty stable. Very cool to see a bowl mount for quick leveling too. Pricing is just way too high to make a move on this market...

rolling camera dolly
find-price-button Straight Double Rail Dolly with bowl mount

If you're looking to get a real double rail slider, the best one on the market would be Cinevate's Pegasus. Not only does it run on inexpensive rails, but it comes off the track for all that smooth table action, as well as a rotating dolly shot. Nice little example put together by Cinevate below. Found here:

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