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There it is, the 2nd Canon EOS 60D DSLR has arrived in time for the Sunday Music video shoot project. With my friend's, we'll have a total of three on set. Also another exciting item I get to use for a different project is of course the JuicedLink DT454 4-Channel DSLR Camera Microphone Preamplifier. You've heard me mention it quite a bit in the past few days, and I wasn't name dropping for nothing! I was just waiting for it...but I think you guys got the subtle clues. I'll hook it up and run a few tests, but in order to complete this audio setup, I'm still waiting on the Audio-Technica AT875 Short Condenser Shotgun Microphone to come in. ( Oh crap my wife reads this blog..doesn't know about this one yet...damn too late to hide it....).

JuicedLink DT454

Audio-Technica AT875 Shotgun Microphone

The AT875 is a Short Shotgun powered by 12v Phantom giving you a bit of extra run time on your batteries over a 24v Phantom powered mic. Suggested by as a decent cheap pair for the DT454. If you can't trust them, who can you trust? Reviews and samples coming soon....

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  1. hendra


    yeah i just read the manual book & it says the problem came from slow speed memory card..thanks man

  2. Emm

    Post author

    I seriously doubt that's an overheating problem. The meter you are seeing at such a short period is most likely the 'Buffer' meter. The buffer fills up and the recording stops because your SDHC card is too slow. You can't just use any SDHC card. Get the class 10 Transcend that i'm using, should resolve that problem. Find those cards here: httpss://

  3. hendra


    i just bought canon 60d today.. i test video recording & it get overheated after 25-33seconds max..i dont know if all 60d users are facing this problem or it is just me? after few seconds of recording the warning meter came up few times then a msg appear "movie recording has been stopped automatically"

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  5. Emm

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    Yup, you got everything down. You can write to juiced link too, or check out the dozens of video tutorials on their blog. It was designed specifically to do do AGC defeat, but works best on cameras with manual adjustments.

  6. James

    Just to be clear - would the DT454 give me good audio in my t2i? Could anyone direct me to a link that can show how this is done? I think I read somewhere that it produces a tone into the left channel, killing the auto gain - which then will give you a nice clean track on the right channel. Levels can then be controlled via DT454. btw, this blog is the best damn thing I've come across on the web. dvx user is aight - but CheesyCam is the go to place for gear. Thanks a lot.

  7. Hey that's not fair! You got your 2nd camera already and my first one hasn't even shipped yet! The anticipation is killing me! 😉

    At least I got my new 50mm to hold me over and a 717AH arriving Monday. 🙂

  8. Well, I would really like to know about the over-heating too. I know it's because these cameras aren't officially just for video so it kind of over powers it and over-heats. I'm wondering though if they changed something internally to help this since they are trying to make it more towards video, especially with that LCD. Like the guy above is saying, there is no info in this across the internet so that would be really helpful, thanks Emm.

  9. Emm

    Post author

    Whoa...Ok let's straighten this out, I think you're really really confused. There is a difference in overheating and the 'Limit' of video. It's not overheating that you're talking about. If you're running the video longer than 10-12 minutes and it stops, it's because you're video file is reaching 4GB.

    The file system currently used in the media of all these cards are using Fat32 which 'cannot' recognize a file larger than 4GB. So once the video reaches that max file size the camera will stop recording. You will have to restart the recording and it will create a new file.

    If you set the camera from 1080 down to 480, you'll see you can run it for at least 30 minutes. Until we start using SDXC with exFAT we'll have to deal with the 4GB limit.

  10. Will B

    I beg you to test the 60D's overheating... please... someone.. anyone? Not a single person has said anything about this - it's killing me. Is it 12 mins like the 5DM2? Is it 10 mins? Is it more? Can you film continuously for hours? Test the 60D's overheating and you'll get like, a ton of hits. No information about this ANYWHERE. Driving me nutz.

  11. Emm

    Post author

    LOL. if you've been keeping up, I'm using a warehouse now, making a studio. I haven't even talked about music production stuff that I'm building up. I'll be recording live performances starting this weekend.

  12. Popsiclestand

    The DT454 is great! I've done various projects with it and always the sound is crisp and clear recorded into the 7D (despite the lack of audio control in-cam). Good for powered and phantom mics.

    My only recommendation is not to depend on the LEDs on the machine to give you accurate levels. I find that I really have to go by what I hear in my (good quality) headphones. But if you're using it on the 5D I guess you don't really have to worry about that 🙂

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