Light Camera Slider

Light Camera Slider - Build from Martin Roberts

Martin Roberts is at it again with his interestingly suspenseful DIY videos. A short while back, he showed us a build video with his light portable DIY Crane, and this time he's back working on a lightweight camera slider. The entire video doesn't just show a budget DIY in the works, but is also shot using some budget techqniques. A bike LED lamp for lighting, a DIY crane for some shots, Canon T2i, the uber cheap Canon 50mm F/1.8 lens, Macro step up filters, and even the Sony NEX-5 was used.

[Thanks Martin]

3 thoughts on “Light Camera Slider

  1. crazyrunner33

    I tried building one but am having problems with the amount of play with the nylon roller ball bearings. I tried some steel rollers which had less play but more vibration and noise. I'm going to experement with some different bearings this weekend or I'll have to modify the design a little.

  2. ORyan

    Wow that is a crazy DIY video. very informative but just as much a piece of art.

    That slider looks pretty awesome too. I have some of that aluminum laying around... hmmm

    Moon definitely has a pretty intense soundtrack to it. Nice choice on that as well.

  3. SkunkWorks

    Very cool!

    I know how much fun he's probably having. I've recently started fabricating my own stuff from aluminum and polyethylene (cutting boards) in an effort to save some money. It's really annoying how much some simple camera gear costs for what it is just because it "camera" gear. I've never done this type of thing before and have had to buy some tools but it's been working out really well and the first couple of things I've made have saved me enough money already to pay for the tools I've bought. I picked up a small drill press, bench belt/disc sander, titanium coated bits, taps & dies and other stuff on the cheap (gotta love Canadian Tire xmas sales!).

    Aluminum is a dream to work with and most tools that work on wood and plastic will be fine on aluminum. Watching this video showed me something I was wondering about last night which is whether it's ok to use a mitre or chop saw on aluminum (I think you need to use carbide teeth blades and take some safety precautions).

    Here's some (fuzzy) pics of some stuff I'm working on. The aluminum for the rods, clamps and plates I'm putting together cost me 8 dollars from my local Metal Supermarket 😉 ...

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